Monday, March 27, 2017

I've Got Heart and Courage, Yes I Do! I've Got Heart and Courage, How 'Bout You?

Hi everyone! Today, I have a different kind of story to tell you, so grab your coffee/tea/hot water with lemon/Diet Coke and get comfy.

This is the story of a girl named Kebby.

Kebby was  always excellent at sports and sports-related endeavours. She swam, biked, and ran her heart out, all the way to Kona to race at the Ironman World Championships.

All while Kebby was triathloning and living life, something was bugging her.

She was troubled by the gear.

So, she set out to change all that, by starting her very own sports clothing company. After a ton of hard work, she launched Coeur Sports! (By the way, it's all made here in the USA!)

And aside from making all that amazing gear, she and her tiny team of minions mighty workers started an ambassador program.

Their team went through almost 1,300 applications for the 2017 team looking for just the right mix of elements to relay their message.

First off, COEUR is the French word for heart. It is also the root of the word courage. Coeur Sports' motto is Heart and Courage (my linguistics degreed self geeks out on this.)

As a Coeur ambassador, it is my responsibility to convey the following:

1. Encourage other women.

2. Welcome questions from athletes of all abilities and backgrounds.

*You can ask me questions any old time, no special Q&A required!

3. Be a good sport even if the race didn't go your way.

4. Know how to have fun even if you're in pain, experiencing bad weather, or if your spirit unicorn didn't show up.

5. Give high fives.

So, if you happen to see someone wearing Coeur Sports gear during your workouts or at a race, know that she is rooting for you! Also, if you are wondering how to spot an ambassador, we're hard to miss this year!


1. Do you find there's a brand that you love for both its clothes and its customer service?
2. Do you have any questions you've been dying to ask me, or that possibly just popped into your head?


Sunday, February 26, 2017

Guess Who's Training for an Ironman?

This girl!

It is most definitely not me.

So, Erika came to visit as my first house guest and we went out to explore some of the finer things in LA.

The day she arrived we went straight to Hollywood Boulevard to see the famous people.

The real reason we went though, was to go to a taping of Jimmy Kimmel Live! We got there just as they were starting the line and wound up with front row seats, which gave us a perfect view of Jimmy and his guests, right between the cameras.

A woman asked to be seated in the empty spots next to us, and we're pretty sure she was blocked by the cameras the whole time. She made up for it by cheering reeeeaaallllyyyy loudly the whole time.

Despite her ear piercing shrieks ebullient enthusiasm, we thoroughly enjoyed the show.

But we definitely felt old when we had never heard of the musical guest, who was up for 6 Grammys. 

The next day was the start of Erika's Official Ironman Training so we went for a run. In the rain.

After our workout the rain stopped so we went down to the beach, where it was foggy and empty.

We still had fun exploring and got some delicious ice cream.

Oh, and we had been in such a hurry to get out the door that we failed to notice we were dressed exactly the same.

The cool people who work in the Venice shops found that very amusing.

When we got home, one of my former coworkers, Jess, came over because she was in town. It was fun to catch up while Erika pretended she did not need a nap.

Jess was one of my amazing cheerleaders at the Oly tri.

The next day was finally sunny, so Erika, TriGuy and I headed back down to the beach. Erika and I ran 6 miles on the boardwalk and when we were done we passed a table set up with finish line food. After our not-so-subtle looks and questions to each other about it, the guys manning it offered us some water. We rehydrated and chatted about Erika's Ironmans...Ironmen??

They were really nice guys from the L.A. Leggers, a training program for the LA Marathon.

On Erika's last day here we went for her run, watched the Super Bowl (what a game!!) and then, sadly, it was time for her to go home.

It was such a great weekend and I can't wait to see her again in Chicago for the marathon!

1. Do you have any "don't miss" tips for easy sightseeing in Chicago? It will be my first time there, aside from airport layovers.

2. Will you be in Chicago in October?

3. Were you thrilled or extremely upset with the Super Bowl? Did you make/lose money? I wasn't rooting for either team but it was fun to watch.



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