Friday, July 17, 2015

Triathlon Taper Madness: it's just as fun as marathon taper madness!

In less than 48 hours I will be competing at Seafair in my first Olympic distance triathlon!

I honestly just want that finisher's medal.

It seems that work always becomes exceedingly stressful in the few weeks leading up to a big race day and this time around has been no different. I've spent the past seven days walking around like a zombie even though I'm in taper mode and exercising less.

During a pep talk with Erika tonight she walked me through all the little details, and asked if the race is wetsuit legal.

Not wearing a wetsuit is not an option.

My first and last race without a wetsuit got me a trip to the ER with hypothermia, which happened to be in the same lake as this race (and half the swim distance.)  Also, what if I get tired? The wetsuit lets me rest without the pesky risk of drowning.

Luckily I checked, and it looks like the lake will be cold enough to allow me to stuff myself into my wonderful neoprene sausage casing.

That isn't my only concern about the swim though. I have one little question about the course:

It looks like we have to cross THROUGH the line of swimmers twice! I really can't see how that will work out any other way than a flurry of arms and legs to my solar plexus, face parts and noggin.

Of course, that just might possibly mean I will be kicking and punching others as well.

Rules are rules. 

Or something.

Anyway, packet pickup is tomorrow and then my race starts at 6:57 a.m. on Sunday morning.

I just hope I don't lose my mind before then.

Tapering tends to do that to me.



  1. your blog always makes me smile! the posts might cover difficult matters like stress or fear, but there is always a bright side to the story. i love the authentic and hilarious drawings - i can feel you! although i'm just a runner and not an ironwoman ;)
    good luck!

    1. Thank you so much, jenny! Not an ironwoman either :)

  2. That's pretty early to wake up on a weekend morning, let alone to have a race. I wish you all the luck in attaining your finishing medal as well as not getting aquatically assaulted by fellow competitors.

    1. Thanks Pickleope! There was some initial assaulting but it smoothed out (i.e. I was slow and most people swam over and past me)

  3. How did it go? On your ironman journey yet?

    1. I'm so not on an ironman journey...yet. You?


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