Monday, October 1, 2012

Mind-Bending Thoughts on My L*S**D*** Runs

Of course, by "LSD", you all know what I'm talking about.




What did you think I meant?  Seriously, these aren't the 70s.

Or the 80s, though you wouldn't know it walking through a mall.
C'mon guys, I posted an 80s-style picture last week.  Remember the mullet?  You really don't need to see another 80s version of me do you? What's that? You do?  Really? Ok, fine.

Look at that.  It's ridiculous, isn't it?  But you didn't come here to see my fashionista-ness, you came to read about my long runs!

LSD runs are training runs that are designed to help you build your endurance.  There are no fancy sprints or other maneuvres involved; you just run for a long time. (Truth be told, I love these runs.)

Sometimes I do my long runs with other people Ann Marie.  One day in the spring, TriGuy joined us for an 11 miler.  I was at the tail end of a bad cold and as we ran, I kept being distracted by a strange, rhythmic whistling sound.

After roughly 15 minutes of looking around and getting increasingly annoyed, I had a horrifying revelation:

Colds make me sexy.  

A month or so later we were running with Dr. Tim, when I made a pretty revolutionary observation:

Always.  Without fail.

Of course when I'm running by myself, my thoughts tend to be more fleeting, as there is no one with whom to flesh them out.  Those runs usually go something like this:

Me lost in thought:  I wonder which clients I have on Monday.  (10 more miles and I'm on a hill.  No problemo.) Am I supposed to do transition testing this week?  Oh shoot, I'll have to go in earl...

Aww, I bet he wants a treat.  Mmm, a treat.  That sounds good.

Hmm, maybe something fruitier (Oh look, a hill again).

I honestly can't remember the last time I ate gum drops.  Ouch!  Why does my ribcage hurt?? 

I wonder (5 more miles?? Wow!) what a heart attack feels like.  It's probably not a heart attack. I'm fine.  I'll just keep running.  Oh, my pace is really great right now!  Wow, that house is really...purple.

That reminds me of the time (Oh, 4 miles to go and another hill!) I got grape ice cream when I was a kid. 

I didn't care for it. But, I could go for some mint chocolate chip.   

No, maybe a Coke!

Yum.  Whoa. What is that pain?  Is that my Achilles again?  Am I going to have to stop running??

Oh wait.  No.  It's gone.  I'm fine.  Holy moly is that woman topless??  

Is that a woman???  Yes, a bodybuilder woman.  Huh.  

I know, I know; it's not polite to stare.  But she was lying in a public park in full view of the street above.  And I will admit that on occasion I'm the one garnering the attention, NOT for being topless of course, but perhaps for my awesome awkward running style.  So, I now have a public service announcement to the rare dude who shouts out his window at me as he is driving by:

I have no idea if you are propositioning me, insulting me, or just trying to startle me.  All I ever hear is:

So to you sir, I either say "Thank you" or "Get bent." But either way, please stay out of my way.  I've spent the past 2 hours thinking about food and I just might reach in and grab whatever it is you have in your cup holder if you get any closer.

After all, I've been on L*S**D*** all morning.


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  1. your posts never fail to make me laugh! I feel like a LSD run with you would be so much fun!

  2. Yep, that just about sums up my long run! Lots of random thoughts and it!

  3. Ha! I should stop doing my long runs on a trail because I never see anything interesting besides Bambi and the occasional runner that desperately needs a better sports bra.

  4. I think if someone knew all my thoughts while doing a long run they'd think I was on LSD.

    Thanks for the laughs!

  5. O
    This nonrunner wants you to come over and teach me how to blog like you do.

  6. This was my first chance to read your blog (found it through the SPA FB page) and I love your style. On Friday when I am off on my 15 miler, I will be thinking of this...made me laugh out loud!

  7. It's like you got into my head!

    Super funny!

  8. Bahaha was cracking up over this whole post esp the 80s look. Umm I do the gasp puppy thing every time I see one. We were walking gizmo last night and I literally stopped and turned around bc we thought we spotted these little like 12 wk old ones who live in our neighborhood. Love how tour mind floats around on LSD (runs that is) Haha

  9. Thank you fr making my day, as always!

    Diet coke is all I can think about on a run. But naturally, it's spliced in between the other thoughts.

    Love it. So much.

  10. Is there no way to switch the letters around so it doesn't coincide with the most popular psychedelic drug and Beatles song?
    I loved getting insight into your stream of consciousness and that you illustrated it.
    I think it takes until a guy has turned 30 before brains kick in and he realizes how dumb window-shouting is. Some come to this realization earlier, but dumb "bros" take a little longer, making the median 30.

  11. Soo funny as usual. Cracked me up. Love the polka dot skirt outfit.

  12. This post made me laugh. Whenever I go out for longer runs all I think about is what I want to eat when I get done...and how long of a nap I want to take. :-)

  13. Hhaha puppy! Ice cream! Candy! I want all these things!

  14. bahaha I think this is my favorite post so far... love it!! :D

  15. too funny, def one of my favorites so far! good job

  16. Ok this may have been one of my all-time favorite posts. I am sitting by myself, giggling out loud at every picture and sentence! Absolutely classic. The one with the guy hanging out the window topped it off too - totally true!!
    Thank you for this - I loved it!!! (and glad I'm not the only one who goes all ADD on a long run to try and stay sane through it!!)

  17. Laurel C: Come on over!

    Alison: Isn't it crazy what the mind does when your body goes on autopilot?

    runningonwords: Oy, bad sports bras. I would enjoy seeing Bambi, but I'd probably roll both my ankles if I went on trail runs.

    Angela: You should share those thoughts :D

    MizFit: If I still lived there I would be in your driveway. *I* would love to learn more about blogging from *you*!

    We Run Disney: Welcome! Enjoy your 15--I haven't run that far yet!

    Amy C: Oh good. Glad I'm not the only one!

    Meg O: 12 week old puppies?? I would die. Aside from the lacy stuff, that was pretty much my 80s fashion sense, including the blue mascara. Scary, isn't it?

    Kate: Why do we think about the most delicious things when we're running??

    Pickleope: Well no, then it would just sound silly :D Besides, the Beatles did not write that song about drugs; they said so (most likely while they were on drugs of course). I think you're right about the age of window shouters. Weird.

    not athletic: It's my homage to "Oklahoma!" :)

    Tasha: Oh yes, the nap! I forgot to put that in!

    Gia: You have no idea how many food cravings i had drawing this post.

    Mrs. Q: Aww, thank you :)

    Running with Sass: Thanks so much :)

  18. I just discovered your blog and I love it! (Actually with a capital "L") I started doing triathlons in 2007, at the ripe old age of 53,(with no prior biking OR swimming experience whatsoever!) and have been running, biking, and swimming every since. I can totally relate to so many of your experiences. (like getting passed on the bike leg by EVERYONE out there)But I keep at it. And love that you do, too.

  19. omg i love you. awesome post. love the 70's, the dog (always stop for cute dogs!) and were you at green lake? i totally saw a topless sunbather last time i went running at green lake!

  20. Bahahaha. You, my love, just made my day!

  21. What a fun post! The pictures are great! :)

  22. pattiruns: I love that you started tris as an adult with no background in them either! It's such a great feeling to do all these things you never thought you would do.

    pensive pumpkin: Dude, I was in Edmonds, land of the active senior citizen! (She was not a senior citizen).

    Liz: Well back at you :)

    Jenny: Thanks!

  23. Erika: We must have posted at the same time!! I think that's really what long runs are for: stream of consciousness observations.

  24. I wish I could be a L*S*D runner. My body doesn't cooperate but when I run (long for me) I think about all the wondering mind stuff you do. These illustrations were perfect and made me smile the entire way through your post. And I now I have to follow you to hear about the torture post you're promising!!!

  25. I'm impressed - not much of a runner myself (long distance, short distance, to-the-mailbox distance, you name it). Great illustrations!

  26. LOL! So funny! Love the stick figures. You hit the nail on the head with the long runs, even if a long run for me these days is 3 miles :)

  27. do you know how hard it is to sit in a super quiet office pretending to work and trying not to laugh out loud (literally)? not easy to do. i'm in tears. thank you.

  28. So I've never discovered the wonderful artistic-ness that is your blog.

    I'm dying laughing and wondering how the Hell I've been able to function without it!

  29. Before I had my latest little tot (and haven't gone back to running) I used to do all my best thinking while I ran. It was like my whole brain just opened up. It must have something to do with endorphins or adrenaline or bloodflow or something like that.

  30. Just once I'd love to go for a run without everything hurting. The other day it was both my ankles, then my groin, then my knee. Then the other one. By the time I was done I looked like a chick from a horror fill trying to run away from the killer while trying to keep her intestines inside her body. It's an awesome image I'm sure. OOH! Maybe you could draw it. I heart your drawings.

  31. This is fabulous! Food is what gets us through many things. Long runs, boring meetings, tedious conversations...visualizing what I will eat later always helps.
    This made me laugh. Great post!

  32. found you via yeahwrite, and glad I did! This is hilarious and what fascinating illustrations! Huge smile on my face reading. Great job!

  33. Oh shit - the pictures are HILARIOUS. And I love your distracted chain of thoughts. Here's to acing the hills!

  34. These pictures made me laugh so much! You perfectly captured the stream of consciousness that happens on a long run. Awesome!

  35. So FUN!!! Awesome animations! This made me happy, but I hate you because fit people piss me off. Who runs for fun? I will run when I am being chased by a hungry lion or angry axeman.

  36. Hahahahahahahahaha! Am I laughing at you or with you? Not sure. But, weirdly, this post makes me feel like going out running...

  37. This is fantastic. One of the best things I have read all day. I love the runs and your humor and your drawings? Fuggedaboutit.

  38. Gina: Welcome! Yup, a wandering mind while running is probably one of the perks, regardless of the distance.

    When I Blink: Thanks! Glad you came by :)

    Mari: Thank you...I haven't been running much in the past couple of weeks and so I know how you feel!

    Christina: Hehe--thank *you* :)

    Kenja: Thank you! That's so sweet!

    Treading Water in the Kiddie Pool: It is really amazing how much thinking you get done on a run!

    THE SARCASM GODDESS: I know what that's like. I once told Ann Marie I was sorry for my slow running but I had a pain--she suggested we stop so i could stretch, at which point I had to explain the pain was in my pelvic floor. I didn't think stretching would help.

    Heidi: Yes, food is so helpful in getting through tough things, though it can be torture at the same time :D

    fiftyshadesofpeach: I'm glad too! Thanks for commenting!

    jesterqueen: Thank you!

    Stacie: Oh good!

    Angela: Well, I'm running to get ready for those events, or the zombie apocalypse...but they all better be really slow because I'm no sprinter.

    marika: Ooh, go run! And you can laugh at me. but really I'm laughing too :)

    christie: Thanks so much!

  39. you're so funny....seems like we could have a great conversation on a long run together. That's what my mind it like....accept there's a lot more "you've got this!" "you are awesome" :P ....sometimes aloud.

    I loved the puppy frame. My fav.....b/c that's so true!

  40. Love this! So funny. I totally relate. I am not a fan of exercise, but I do it because I know it's good for me. And fantasies of candy and ice cream can keep me going too!

  41. I love the people watching during your long runs. The topless body builder is hilarious. I also love your pink polka dot skirt. I can relate to your food visions. I do a lot of yoga and by the end of class I'm envisioning what I will eat when I get home. It was fun following you on your run as its as close as I'll get to actually running 11 miles.

  42. My favorite is the disco ball. I <3 disco!!

    And I have no idea the places where my mind would go on an L*s**D***. Sounds kinda fun, except for the running part...

  43. Oh. My. God. You perfectly captured the insane thought patterns that happen during a long run. This was so damn funny. I love, love, love your illustrations.

  44. The achilles pain!! As soon as you mentioned it, I swear I could feel mine hurting again! Not that I've been running LSDs mind you. Or running at all.

    Fun post!!

  45. Ali Mc: Yes we could! Plus, I would dig the affirmation :)

    Andee: Gotta keep your eyes on the prize, right?

    Stephanie B: Crazy body builder. Exercise and thinking about food seem to go hand in hand!

    IASoupMama: Woo! Disco is the best!

    Kathleen: Totally meandering thoughts, right?

    Michelle Longo: Sorry for the pain memory!

  46. Bahahaha!!! Awesome train of thought. And you even got a show! I think you should stick with "get ben," it's fun to say!

  47. I liked your pictures, it made the text more fun. I also like that running has cool terms like LSD and Fartlek. I had fartleks on the treadmill. Actually I did a fartlek on the treadmill and them farted. lol.

  48. Your random thought tangents sound strangely similar to what I go through whenever I'm forced to study.

  49. I like your drawings.
    No I did not think of that "LSD" I may be in my sixtys but I like to hear what young people have to say. After all the world belongs to you guys:)

  50. jennie: I did! I don't know anyone who actually says that. Do you??

    opinion8dhermit: Hehe. Thanks :D

    DWei: Oh, I always used to check out while studying! Bleh.

    Munir: Thanks. As you know, we're only borrowing it for a little while :)

  51. OH my gosh!!! The nose whistle! That's totally happened to me. I kept holding my breath to try to hear where the noise was coming from. I'd exhale, hear it again, and ask Erik in an insane hysteric voice, "THERE it is! Did you hear it? Where is it COMING from?"
    This made me so happy to know I'm not alone.

  52. VV: Ahhh, I'm so glad you had the nose whistle too!

  53. oh I love this blog! You are a genius! I used a picture from here on my blog post, but linked it up to yours! Can't wait to read more of your blog- thank you!

    1. Thanks so much Heidi! What's the name of your blog?


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