Saturday, July 7, 2012

She's a Little Bit Country, But That Day We Were Both a Little Bit Rock n Roll (Seattle RnR Part 2)

If you missed Part One of the race recap, you can click here.


For those of you who have been reading for a while, you know that Ann Marie has been my tried and true running buddy for a couple of years now. (She's a big country fan, hence the title.)

I'm pret-ty certain that's what country fans say when they're listening to country music.

*Disclaimer:  I have never witnessed Ann Marie saying anything like that, let alone dressing anything like that.

When I first started running, TriGuy and I ran together on the mill at the gym.

No wait.  Side by side.  On separate machines.

Once we took to running outside, it was clear that his extremely long legs were going to be no match for my feminine boyish figure.  I began to enjoy running with music.

To this day, I love my solo runs.  But when I run with others, it seems rude to have music. So Ann Marie has taken on the role of auditory entertainer, because sometimes long runs are hard. And that girl can talk through anything! It is awesome. Which brings us to the Race Recap...


When we left off in PART ONE, we were heading toward Mile 11.  I know this is well beyond the halfway point of the race.  Just go with it.

Throughout the race, Ann Marie had been doing an amazing job of talking to me.

We were on an overpass when we came upon the Mile 11 marker, and we were passing a lot of restaurants that were along the water below. Naturally, Ann Marie began to tell me about all the different meals she has enjoyed at said establishments.

Oh!  I also forgot to mention that around Mile 9, we saw the 1st place marathoner run by us.

Several things came to mind:

A) He would finish double the distance I was running in less time than me.

B)  I was very impressed.

C)  Holy cow!  There goes the 2nd place marathoner!

But I digress.

Once we made it down the other side of the overpass, it was time for one more tunnel, because "running through tunnels is AWESOME!", said no one, ever.

It was at that point that we saw the Mile 12 marker and Ann Marie told me it was time to leave it all out there.  I started to speed up, and focused on running strong and fast.

Ann Marie looked over at me and asked if I was okay.

Yeah, I might have gotten a little weird.  But I was in the zone.  I ran those last 1.1 miles in an 8:42 pace, which included another hill at the very end.  My average pace for the rest of the race was 10:11 It's cool. People brag on their blogs all the time.  So, I would have to say that I think my weirdness paid off.

We passed through the finish and then commenced the zombie chute-shuffle.

We collected some free food and drinks.

We then wandered to our meetup spot and searched around for people we knew.

We were a little dazed.

Within  a couple of minutes of sitting down, Rebecca, Stacie, and Adrian made their way over. As we chatted, I started to think about the race photos (remember how I told you not to forget about that?)   Well! Each time I saw a photographer,  I tried to put my best race face forward!

There was the mid-stride wave (2 photos).

The awkward thumbs-up (2 photos).

And, the what-the-heck-was-I-possibly-thinking??? (2 photos)

I'm thinking "death warmed over" might actually be the best race look for me after all, especially at $40 a photo.

Footnote:  If you made it to the end and managed to follow all the digressions and flashbacks within flashbacks, congratulations!  You now know how confused you can get while running a race. And yes, I totally meant for this post to be metaphoric like that...Yup.

And now,  just in case you don't believe my race photo portrayals, here's PROOF:


How do people take good race pictures, i.e. not look dead, or like a dork, or like a dead dork?

How often in one day, would you say, is too often for jazz hands? 


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  1. You with the extreme focus/in the zone/eyes of fire made me laugh. And your pictures are good. I've had some taken while not doing anything physical that make me look like a propped up corpse that was also set on fire. So your jazz hands picture looks like a model shoot in comparison.

  2. I was just looking at some of my old race photos thinking the same thing! Yours turned out great! You animated them perfectly! Way to go on the race!

  3. jazz hands! race photos suck-but good to have memories!

    hey-thanks for the comment on my lewa run-have forgotten all the tough bits (and the time) now-just remembering the fact that i did it!

  4. I was worried about your heel strike until I saw your real photos. :-) :-) :-). LOVE the one of you carrying all the post race goodies! Congrats again on an awesome race!

  5. clearly weirdness pays off. That's why I allow myself to be so weird...yes...that's why ;) I can't believe you posted real pictures of yourself. It's like seeing the man behind the curtain a la OZ to some people. I think you took awesome pics! (though nothing tops that one you posted on fb of you and ann marie. You just look so freaking tough!)

  6. Wow, I wish I knew how to channel your weirdness! Great job! Your race photos are also 8 million times better than any of the photos I've ever taken!

  7. Pickleope: Hahaha! Sometimes the camera just catches you at the exact right moment to show how you would look as a zombie, doesn't it?

    Jess: Thanks :) Well, those are the ones where I actually worked on smiling. Next race I need to work on smiling while running.

    Robyn: You're right. I'm glad you're down to happy memories of your race now-I think it must have been amazing to run there!

    Ricole Runs: Hehe, no heel strike :) Someday I hope to run a full and try to chase you!

    MegO: Weirdness can be good :D I know people don't always believe me, so I thought it would be fun to throw some real evidence in :)

    runningonwords: They're not the death photos, but I do look kind of nuts I think.

  8. I think this may be one of my favorites. So much awesomeness in one post.
    You and TriGuy on the same treadmill...I was incredibly impressed thinking it was some kind of odd tandem training. Until I read the caption.

    The drooling mouth and the armfuls of food while totally spacing TriGuy. But my favorite was the "Nope focusing". I burst out laughing then had to share with E2 who was looking at me oddly.

    Your real life pics? Adorbs! You're totally banana sandwich for thinking otherwise.

  9. haha Love this post, probably one of my faves so far! I had some funny hand waving thumbs upping in my pics too, so I guess we were total spaz cases together :)

  10. Hobo Siren: Hehe, thanks!

    VV: Aww, thanks! Running on the same treadmill would be total madness :) Hope E2 didn't still think you were weird after you showed him the picture!

    Adrian: Thank you :D I might just go look up your race pics now...

  11. I am a huge fan of your illustrations, and these fire eyes are extra-super fantastic amazing. I think I'm going to start pretending I have them when it is time to focus.

  12. This recap is amazing. I have atrocious race photos - I never notice when there are photographers. Nice kick at the end - those are always fun. I should look into doing this race!

  13. Laura: Thank you :) Yes, get the fire in your eyes! Feels better than the fire in your belly!

    Meghan: Thanks! As long as you like hills and a few tunnels, and bring your own water, you should do this race!

  14. It never fails, no matter how hard I try to look cute, my race photos always look awful. I usually look like I am in pain, even when I am not. I even usually have an awful grimace on my face. Yep, my race photos are SUPER hot. Everyone should be jealous! I have done the two thumbs up and the jazz hands and even that didn't make me look anymore attractive. Darn!

  15. Tasha: Well, at least you're making me feel better :)

    Shauna: THANK YOU ;)

  16. This is Ann Marie, and OMG, I love this post, for multiple reasons: 1. It makes me feel a little bit famous, to be honest, which is pretty much super-exciting! 2. The depiction of all that craziness we were carrying of the race is HI-LARIOUS because it is so not an exaggeration!! Seriously, race planners need to get on that one! 3. Because I love running with you, and love that our running has been so well-documented so the fun can be forever remembered! 

    Thank you for being such a great running partner and for letting me be a part of your blogging-awesomeness!! Yeee haw!!!!

  17. Ann Marie: I'm glad you feel famous :) I love running together too, and can't wait to start training for our September half!

  18. Way to go! Can't help you on the race photos, I can never seem to get a good one even when I see the photographer and try to pose:) I think your photos looked great!

  19. Way to go! I also love to run alone. I have never done a marathon though!! How great to have a running partner. I am quite a talker as well but running and talking is tough. I loved your story and your illustrations! -LV

  20. Maybe, don't look straight at the camera? I'm not too sure, I think the cause is motion. Nonethless, you still look good in the photos! ;)

  21. hiker mom: Thanks! Yeah, I don't really feel like I conveyed the kind of look I would have liked to convey, but oh well. I was running at the time :P

    Laverne: Hehe, thank you :) For the record, I've never run a marathon either, I've run half-marathons.

    jamie: Yes, I'm sure you're right that motion makes the photos difficult. I feel like lots of people have good race photos; they look strong, confident, they're having fun...oh well!

  22. Hahah the thumbs up pic is my favorite!

  23. Good Job Dear! i enjoyed seeing it,


    If you have a minute, please check out my blog and follow me if you liked it. I'll appreciate it so much! Thanks!

    Blow a Rainbow

  24. You're FAR too hard on yourself! Your pictures look great! All right, so the thumbs-up one is kinda awkward. Haha! As if she can run and talk for that long! Super impressive!! Oh, and the "dreadmill" had me giggling for quite some time. Haha!! :)

  25. Priscilla: Thanks :)

    jennie: Yeah, kinda awkward :) Oh, I'm really not a fan of the treadmill. I like to actually go somewhere when I'm running. The mill makes me a little seasick.

  26. I just found your blog exploring other fitness blogs and I absolutely love it Thanks for the inspiration and the laughs. I'll defo be back!

  27. Glitter: Thanks! Also, nice work walking 5 miles home yesterday!

  28. I have had more than a few awful race pictures. What I have learned is to smile and at least look like I'm having fun while I run (or bike, or swim) It does help me remember that the whole point of it (for me, anyway) is to enjoy the race. The "Jazz Hands" I have tried and it definitely doesn't work. ("Mom, what were you doing??) Waving- not so great either. I just focus on the task at hand and smile.

  29. pattiruns: Jazz hands were definitely a fail. I think smile and run is a great idea!


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