Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My Tempo Run Made Me Want to Vom...and Maybe Move to the Arctic Circle

I have been training pretty religiously for the upcoming Rock n Roll half marathon.

The other week I was supposed to run mile repeats: 4 at an 8:54 pace, with a warm up and cool down mile on either end.  I decided to try the treadmill since many commenters have told me that was where I could control the pace and it would be FLAT.

I knew that particular pace would be a long shot and I wound up in a loop of speeding up, then slowing down every time I started to feel a little green around the gills.

 And watching TV while running didn't help.  Already moving picture +bouncing up and down = more nauseous.

I was pretty sure I was looking like a bit of a hot mess, based on the looks I got from passers by.

Once I was done, I hopped off the mill and wiped my face with a paper towel ('cause I'm classy like that) and caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror.

Even after my cool down, I continued to feel sweaty.  Really sweaty.

I drove home with the windows down and still felt sweaty.

I still felt sweaty when I flopped down in front of the TV.

I hopped in the shower.

I finally was starting to feel normal.  I got dressed.

And then I started to feel sweaty again.

It took a good hour to feel normal again. And for the record, it was not hot outside. It was cold and raining.

What month was it, you ask?  Why, this month, of course.  And around here, we have a special name for it:

Yup.  It totally sucks donkeys.


Oh!  And in case you missed it, hop on over to Watch MeGo Run to check out my guest post!


  1. Girl, I sweat like that on ALL of my runs lol!! If I stop to stretch, or walk, the sweat just pours off of me. Not pretty, I assure you. One of my friends has a nice name for terrible weather in June along the coast, June gloom! I think that's fitting. I can't wait to experience June-uary, the 90's are no picnic here in Northern California, especially for running!

  2. I sweat like that all the time. Thank you kindly menopause! Loved the green-faced picture, although sorry you were feeling green around the gills. That's no fun.

  3. Don't you think you should post a warning when you have an X rated shower pose going on? Ya sweaty shower vixen. Ha haa aaaaa As for the sweats, pretty sure you are too young for menopause. Darn you!

  4. I'm afraid I can't really relate. I don't really sweat that much when I work-out.

    Or maybe I'm not as rigorous as you are.

  5. Yeah TV is a bad idea for treadmills. I prefer music

  6. I once watched all of the movie Richie Rich while running 10 miles on a treadmills while on a work conference in Dallas. Seriously, that was awful. Hope you finally cooled down! You better rest up now so we can jam out this weekend!!

  7. hey you survived it and the sweat proves how hard you worked. I feel like that after pretty much every run though. I douse myself in as much water as possible. It's not pretty

  8. Oof. Sweatiness that lasts forever isn't fun. Good luck on the RR marathon - a friend of mine ran that last year. Sounds fun (as fun as a marathon can be)!

  9. That's terrifying. What was it, just over-worked? I had a similar feeling last week after a run (jog) but it was 90 degrees and super humid out.
    Does your car smell like sweat now?

  10. That's the worst! I hate it when I'm still sweaty after a shower. The waste of time blow-drying my hair makes me crazypants. Or, crazyhead, I supposed, since that's where the hair is. Oh dear, I seem to be babbling...

  11. Adrian: I get sweaty on my runs too, but it usually doesn't last for so long after I am done! Yes, June gloom. Bleh.

    Carrie: Oh yes, I just can't wait for menopause. I'm going to scare small children, which is a problem because I work with small children!

    Fun and Fit: Hehehe. Next time I have a super-sexy picture like that I'll be sure to give a heads up first :)

    DWei: I didn't used to sweat--but running on a treadmill in a hot gym will do that.

    Adam: Definitely. I need to stare out the window, but even still, running outside is better.

    Megan: That sounds so awful. Currently resting up!!

    MegO: I of course get all sweaty when I run, but I typically don't continue to sweat for so long!

    Gia: No it is not. I ran this last year and it was fine. They've changed the course so I think it will be better this time :)

    Pickleope: It was! I almost googled it, but then I thought I would find out I had the plague, so I just showered instead. I didn't think about how my car smells! Haven't heard anything from passengers, so hopefully not.

    jennie: Babble away :) I never spend the 20 minutes it takes drying my hair, but otherwise yes. I hate sweating AFTER doing all that work to get clean!

  12. hope you are feeling better-sweaty betty

  13. I typically feel the same way and it takes me awhile to cool down, especially when I jump in the shower right away and get dressed in regular clothes. Nice work and good luck this weekend!

  14. My running partner always makes fun of me because I complain about how I am a hot sweaty mess ALL the time. This post really cracked me up. Hope you're not sweating anymore :)

  15. What's with the red face that makes us look like we've been trying our damndest to poop for the last half hour? Even if I only run for 15 minutes I'm bright red for the next hour at LEAST.

  16. How funny, I've been experiencing the same thing! The cooler it gets here, the more I seem to be sweating!! Strange!!

  17. Robyn: Yes I am, thank you :) -sweatless Bettless

    Beth: That is the worst, showering then sweating again right away. And thanks! I'll be posting about the race.

    Meghan: Nope, not sweating anymore--you?

    VV: It's our 'awesome' face.

    Kristin: That *is* strange! Maybe your body is trying to overcompensate for the cold!

  18. I'm mega jealous that you have June-uary. It's been in the 90s here and we are all dying.

  19. runningonwords: Well, thatou would kinda blow, but at least you can break out your summer wear :P

  20. You will do great! I ran one this year and ad a ball!

  21. Mrs. Pancake: Thanks :) It was a great race--recap coming soon!

  22. I just found your blog and LOVE IT! You are so funny! I can 100% relate to this post... my face turns as red as your picture and I can't stop sweating for HOURS! Nice to know we're all in this together! Can't wait for your upcoming posts!

  23. Jess: Thanks so much :) Tempo runs are new for me and I do not like them :P Next post is in the works!


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