Saturday, June 18, 2011

Consistency. It's What's For Dinner.

And breakfast, lunch and snacks.  That is, it needs to be.  I have a bad habit that I'm going to admit here for all of you:

I am an inconsistent athlete.

Shocking, I know.  Especially given my amazing athletic prowess.

What will happen is, I'll find something that inspires me (e.g. the Kona Ironman on the ol' Tivo) and jump into action.  I'll train appropriately for a time.  Sometimes a day, sometimes a few weeks.

 Then something comes up, be it illness,



what have you; any old excuse will do.  I will then start declaring to TriGuy (hey, if I get an alter ego he should get one too) that

Ya know, so I can stay on track. And then another week goes by and

Oops. I. Did-it-again-uh.

(I'm a dead ringer for Ms. Britney, aren't I?)

Now I realize that swimming twice a week, plus running and biking comes out to 4 workouts and is a decent fitness regimen...but it is not what real triathletes would call a training plan. Their plans look like this:



That is, if I actually *had* a plan.  Which, coincidentally, I'm going to make...................Next week.


  1. LOL, i'm constantly searching for missing pants too. I love that brit brit drawing! And uhh I'm the same way. The way I look at it is, "I'm consistently inconsistent!" At least there's consistency in that ;) And PS FINALLYYYYY (for the post)!! :D

  2. You crack me up! And I do the exact same thing. In fact, the reason I am not running tonight it because I just drank a coke. I wish I were kidding.

  3. Good luck with a plan and I hope you find your hat, and pants!!

    (I consider myself a real triathlete and my schedule does NOT look like that top one.)

  4. Yes! The loss of apparel and the pondering of the beginning are excellent procrastination devices. Some of my most favorite!

    Gosh, your drawings are so good, girl! Love it :)

  5. Meg: Thank you! Perhaps Britney will make a lasting comeback soon :) Oh, I love your logic. It sounds good to me!

    gin: Thanks :) Actually, I wouldn't want to run after drinking a coke either. Bleh.

    Heather: Yeah me too-- I can't find my ipod either! And I am certain that your schedule is a lot closer to the top one than the bottom one :D

    Dwija: Oh yes, I could teach a Masters level class in procrastination. Sounds like you could maybe help? And, thank you for the compliment.

  6. overcompensating run sounds familiar.... *sigh* at least you try :p

  7. Hahaha! But I think I've identified your problem - if you ditch the 'work' distraction, you'd have HEAPS more time!!!

    Thanx for visiting my blog - glad you enjoyed my rainbow!!

  8. I'm the queen of procrastinators. I would think that finding your pants would kill some of your training time. So train without them.

  9. I want to train for my fall marathon, but I had a 6 week illness, so I've been the same... totally sick, no help.... and all my training went down the tube!~ I hate that!

  10. Andrea: I need someone yelling at me every day I think.

    Red Nomad: You're absolutely right! I'm sure my boss would be totally cool with that :)

    Bernie: HAHAHA!! Scary thought! If I have nightmares about that I'm blaming you :P

    Meghan: 6 weeks! Yikes! Hope you're on the mend now.

  11. hahah LOVE the drawings! i am trying to figure out my workout schedule and stick to a plan too! hopefully i will start to love the elliptical soon... xoxo jillian:: enter to win My Memories Digital Suite Scrapbooking Software

  12. I have also been having a hard time trying to get back into my schedule.
    The tool that helps me the most with it is a mileage tracker at It's really fun to see how far I've actually gone each week!

  13. Hahaha! I don't know why I didn't follow you the last time I found you? I am now :)

  14. jillian: Thanks! Hmm, good luck with the elliptical. I'm not a fan--I can't seem to do it without jarring every joint in my body.

    Mei: It's tough, isn't it? Thanks for the recommendation! I actually use Daily Mile, which I think is the same idea as sparkpeople.

    KSK: Well I don't know either, but i'm very glad you are now :D Thanks!

  15. Hahaha, Your images are hilarious I can't stop laughing!

  16. Looks like you have. Plan to me! Ha!!

    Hey email me if you want. There are a lit if peeps meeting at the expo then going to lunch. I'm nit though since I'll be with some friends who are not Bloggy related. I will he going to the expo however but just a quick in and out most likely. So shoot me an email if you want! We can surely figure something out!

  17. KY: Thanks--i love hearing that!!

    5 Miles: Yeah, some plan huh? Ok, I will definitely email you. I've been following your blog for a while and it would be so fun to meet!


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