Monday, December 5, 2011

May I FitFluence Your Day?

Hey everyone!  I apologize in advance for some of the recycled drawings, but this is (hopefully!) for some new readers :D

For my first assignment as a FitFluential ambassador, I have accepted the challenge to write a post!

Oh, but not just any post.  A post about why I'm a good fitness influence.

Are those crickets I hear?

Ok, I'm just kidding.  I know I've inspired one or two people. They tell me so in the comments.  Plus there's Ann Marie (you know, the one I keep blogging about lately).  She signed up for two triathlons with me after watching me finish my tri last summer.  I was able to motivate her to go to the pool, go to spin class and get a shiny new bike for our training rides!

Forget the fact that she was already totally in shape and an amazing runner :)

Oh!  Another person I was able to motivate was TriGuy!  He being naturally athletic, he has really enjoyed the competitiveness of training together.

Just (sorta) kidding :)

People sometimes want to know how I got involved in doing triathlons, and if they have known me longer than two years, that question is usually accompanied by this look:

This is likely due to the fact that I was never much of an athlete (i.e. I was always the last picked for teams that I never wanted to be on anyway, geez!)  However, my mid-30s seemed like the appropriate time to ignore my complete lack of training and fall prey to peer pressure by signing up for a triathlon! I was out of my mind.  I made this movie for my very first blog post to recreate the convincing conversation I had with my coworker. I'm the brown bear.

And now, as required by the FitFluential team, I bring you:



If anyone is just getting started, or is thinking of getting started, these tips are for you* (but everyone else, I hope you'll keep reading anyway!):

1.  Start by getting all the gear.  You will be more motivated if you have the proper clothing and equipment.   Also, you won't look like a noob.

2.  Stretch.  Seriously.  Yes, it is boring.  But it is really important if you want to stay injury-free (take it from someone who has learned the hard way).  Join a yoga or Pilates class if that will help you stick with it.

3.  If you do get injured, don't ignore it (for the love of Todd).  If rest does not make the pain go away, seek professional help.

4.  Cross train.  This is important for several reasons.
A) You will give your muscles a break by not overexerting them from repetitive motion.
B) You will not burn out on one activity.
C) Each activity will be beneficial for the others.  In other words, swimming will help your back for biking, biking will help your legs for running, etc...

5.  Hydrate.  It just isn't a good idea to burn 5,000 calories in an hour or two with ne'er a drop to drink.

Water is fine, but if you want to drink your electrolytes and sodium, try out different sports drinks until you find the one that works and doesn't hurt your stomach. (Dilute it when you start out and add more gradually.)

Oh, and take small sips.

6.  Try an activity that challenges you.  That way you will focus on developing the skill rather than on dropping pounds or toning up.  You'll find that those changes will be a great side benefit to the confidence of doing something you never could before.

No wait, not that.

There we go.

7.  HAVE FUN!!  Honestly, there is no excuse for doing a workout you get nothing out of, to wind up looking like this:

when you can look like THIS(!):


Thanks SO MUCH to FitFluential for adding me to the team!  I am in awe of all the incredibly talented people who contribute to the group!

*You all know you should seek professional medical advice about exercise, right?  

EDIT:  I'm linking up with The Blog Entourage this weekend!  Come stalk some bloggers with me!



  1. so cute and funny as always. i have been pretty bad with the exercise thing recently-but next week am on holidays and going to get in shape (in a week!)

  2. aww I love this! I'm so glad you are part of the Fitfluential team, you are definitely fitfluential to me! You give me hope that maybe someday I could do a tri, if I could ever get a knack for that whole swimming thing....

  3. You are so right on with your tips. The benefits of stretching can not be underplayed. Also, after a long ride on the bike this weekend, I almost passed out from dehydration, so my tip is, don't work out hungover or you could have some dehydration issues.

  4. I love this! Congratulations again - and your tips are spot on!

    Can't wait to read more or your FitFluential posts :)

  5. You totally fitfluenced me. I mean, if my little sister can do a spin class, what's my excuse? ( not that I am competitive or anything) :). Although you have me on the tri's, that is not something I can ever see myself doing. :) :)

  6. l♥ve!!!

    you are just too cool for school & def influential!

    rock on with your badass self!

    misadventures of a chunky goddess

  7. Ugh, recycled drawings?
    HAHA! Loved it as always!!!

  8. Fun post! So agree with you on the right gear, cross-training AND hydration.

  9. Robyn: Thanks! You can totally get in a week, right? Just startle a lion in your backyard over there and you should never have a non-workout day :P

    Meg O: Thank you :) You could *absolutely* do a tri. You have to work on the swimming at the pool but a wetsuit allows you to float and stay warm, so you can get through a sprint...perhaps you should come here and we could do one together :D

    Christy: Thanks so much!

    Pickleope: Aaaahhh, excellent point :) Hungover biking is no bueno.

    Erika: Thank you! I'll keep you 'posted' (get it?) Oy. I probably need to drink some more coffee.

    GymSis (Steve): True, I forgot you became the spin beast you are because of moi :D And yes, you could definitely do a tri if you wanted to. Wanna come do one in August?

    Cyn: Haha-thanks so much!

    Amanda: Thanks! Yeah lame, right? I'd have so many more posts up if I just used the same pictures all the time ;)

  10. great tips! you know I just got "almost injured" I say almost b/c I caught myself before anything bad happened but was well on my way.....ever since I put running back to 3-4 days a wekk and threw in some biking and yoga I've been feeling much better! YAY

  11. Heather: Thanks :) Everyone should have elbow and knee pads for biking, don't you think?

    Ali: Awesome! i'm so glad you followed *my* advice (along with the 20 other people who commented on that post). So glad you're feeling better!

  12. this post is perfect! your tips are right on and things that i continue to need to improve upon :) thanks for sharing!

  13. Congratulations by the way! Can't recall if I already told you that. Your mono-tone bear video had me giggling. I loved the "that's okay" response after EVERY objection.

  14. Hahaha your pictures are GREAT. I especially like the last one. Rawr!

  15. Good tips. I've been fantasizing about getting back into martial atrs for some time now. I think you've convinced me that it's about time I made a real effort.

  16. Those pictures are just too fantastic! I love all of them.

  17. Julia: Thanks! They're the ones I need to remember to tell myself too :)

    VV: Well thank you! That video is *almost* exactly how the conversation went. Though my coworker reminded me she did not tell me to buy a bike.

    Gia: Hehe. Thanks! That last one is my profile pic :)

    Vinny: If you really do get back into it let me know!

    runningonwords: Thank you. You're so sweet :)

  18. New reader & I think I am going to LOVE reading more! Such a fun post!

  19. :) Loved it as always! And who cares if some of the drawings were recycled? They seem like new when used in a different context! The Athletic Stance on the bike always cracks me up!

  20. I promise you don't have to worry about me ignoring a potential injury. I am not a man's man by any stretch of the imagination. In fact I am a wienie. A lot of good original content here. Wish I could follow but Blogger isn't letting me at the moment.

  21. Andrea: Welcome! Glad you're here :)

    Kristin: Thanks for letting me know that the old drawings are not boring :) I really am glad to know that!

    Elliot: Evil Blogger! Did you try reloading the page?? (That's my answer to all blog issues...or restart your computer!) And don't worry about being a weenie; your secret's safe with me!

  22. These are all new to me. But yeah I need to start exercising more so I stop looking like a stick.

  23. DWei: LOL! Well, as you can see, I'm still a stick too :D

  24. Hahaha I love the dialog video." That's ok! You barely have to do anything in a triathalon. " I would say sign me up too :)and your drawings are the best!

  25. love it!! the graphics are too good. Welcome to the Fit Fam!

  26. Unknown: Easy, right?? Thanks!
    Amanda: Thank you!

  27. This was hilarious! I loved all the images, and great tips!

  28. hahaha! That video is classic! Somehow captured that moment spot on.

    I will try to follow your tips but I can't swim. And I only run if I'm being chased by wasps. But maybe your tips will increase my stinging insect evasion stats? Hmmmm.

  29. Janetha: Thanks for stopping over :)

    Cranface: Yeah, I'm a bit of a lemming...Insect evasion is a fabulous reason to run!

  30. you are so cute with your stick figures. I feel like i was watching a whole story unfold. Love the tips and all the triathlon inspiration1

  31. Jessica: Thank you!

    Cotter Crunch: Thanks :D For someone who watches a triathlon career full-time, I'm glad I can inspire you!

  32. OMG hilarious! I don't know what i loved more: the pictures with your write-up or that brilliant little video! My son is an animation major, I suspect he'll think you're a superstar!

  33. Great tips! Plus, I absolutely love the stick figure art.

  34. Sandra: Thanks so much! I really don't know about impressing an actual animator, but I appreciate the ego boost :D

    Dawn: Thanks! I'm having fun meeting so many new bloggers. Not to mention, totally intimidated!

  35. That picture of the table torture is, let's just say, "interesting". Yikes!

  36. Awesome tips - it is inspirational, as I also am one of those barely athletic, often picked last for teams type of people. I have been running a little lately, but am thinking the cross-training does seem like a very good idea.

  37. Lozzz123: Thanks! Cross training is a really nice way to keep things fresh :D Good job with the running!

  38. So you can be a FitFluential ambassador after completing one triathlon and writing about it? I have done 112 triathlons and wasn't invited....oh, maybe I have to resurrect the BLAHG first? Probably not...but yeah, congrats!

  39. cheryl: No, no, no. I've done THREE :D And, I went to them.

  40. And by "I went to them", I meant I approached FitFluential when they were recruiting. I think they still are so you can check out their site if you're interested.

  41. Hey there, fellow triathlete! I just posted your Dec 5 column on my Page, Triathlon Mom,,
    because your video clip cracks me up! I've had that conversation many times (though, I am the one saying "that's okay!:)
    All the best to you with blog-ing and tri-ing!

  42. Triathlon Mom: Cool! Thanks so much Triathlon Mom!


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