Saturday, May 7, 2011

Welcome to Sit 'n Spin Sundays!

Well technically, it's Swim 'n' Spin Sundays, but it is haaaaarrrrrrrddddd so it makes me feel better to call it SIT 'n' Spin Sundays (bet you all didn't know I use edgy language like that, didja?)

So here it is:  Dave and I now have a weekend training routine that involves hitting all three sports.  We do our long run on Saturdays,

pretty much leaving swimming and biking for Sundays.

We like to hit the pool first.

Um, while we're on the subject of swimming, let me just clarify something from my last swim post.  When I said "things are coming together", I may have been overstating *things* just a skotche.  The truth is, I now swim like this:

as opposed to this:

I am constantly trying to get better.  So, in addition to all my previous strategies,


I am also trying to focus on cantilevering my body from side to side,

while reaching,

and swimming downhill... Uh, say what now?

Yes, this is the latest technique to be brought to my attention.  By submerging your head you supposedly cut through the water more efficiently, and your legs bob up closer to the surface. Like yay:

Yes, it is supposed to look like that.  *Trust* me.

So, after "swimming" for an hour we transition upstairs to the cycle class.

*After* we change, that is.

I am still trying to get the whole indoor cycle thing down (not to mention, the whole *outdoor* cycle thing).  It has been six classes and it still is not easier.  Not on the legs...

...or on the butt.

One of the activities our teacher likes us to do is to stand up while pedaling, stop bouncing, and:

The first time she said that, I honest-to-goodness thought she was kidding!  (She wasn't.)

A few weeks ago, we had a substitute.

I thought he was kidding!  (Nope.)

After the most unmotivating workout ever,  it was time to stretch.  We were told to put our pedals at 9 and 3.

9 and 3??Where the heck's 9 and 3?? 

Once the stretching was over, I noticed the clock on the wall directly across from me.

I blame it on the reggae-induced confusion.

So, that's our nice little Sunday.  I'm workin' it out.  But, I'm thinking I should get some Stickum.  I could really use some for my seat!

On a side note, I would like to thank Bernie over at One Mixed Bag for giving me the No Hoops Award!
No Hoops Award-5

The best thing about it?  No need to talk about yourself--just say thank you and move on!



  1. This one made me laugh out loud! Hey I'm catching up to you, I have done 4 spin classes now! It's still one of the hardest workouts ever, but I still keep going back and miss it when I don't. Question for you though, how do you breath when you "downhill" swim?

  2. Ooh cantilevering - what a fun word! Less fun are those climbs they make you do in spin class. I actually like the hand behind the back thing, because concentrating on my balance takes my mind off the pain in my thighs just a teensy bit.

  3. I'm so jealous of your weekend workouts with Dave! That's so fun! I always have a sore booty after cycle too. I don't know about reggae music just doesn't seem right for the class..

  4. I like reggae music... but when I'm in a really chill mood, definitely NOT when I am trying to be super active. It's definitely an... interesting choice for cycling. lol

  5. I've just never been able to get into spinning classes. Ok, I only went once, BUT let's just say 5am and Peter Gabrielle are apparently not my thing.

  6. OK, I pretty much know nothing about what you're describing. I not even a uni-athlete, let alone a "tri". But, as I read your journal, I am really struck by your commitment and your humor. It's inspiring. Oh, and I LOVE your drawings (you know that). Allie

  7. I love all the swimming "tips." It would drive me crazy, but all the pictorials of the tips are hilarious!

  8. hilarious - love your diagram! First time visitor from FTLOB. :)

  9. "Steve" :P : Thank you. I have no idea how to breathe while swimming downhill. Know anyone who might have an answer??

    Ixy: Yeah it's a good word, right? And i suppose it is nice to shift your focus during class...way to put a positive 'spin' on it :P

    Meg: I do enjoy the weekend workouts but then I tend to want an extra day just to rest, which doesn't happen :)

    MrsQ318: I agree; reggae's good for non-athletic endeavours. One lady in the class actually told the teacher she hoped it wasn't going to be the same 'smoke a doobie' music as he had played in his last class!

    KT80: I think any music at 5am that isn't intended to lull me back to sleep would be awful!

    Allie: Thank you! and I do believe you are a runner, so that makes you as much of an athlete as me :)

    Kurt: Thanks! It is a lot for my brain to focus on, but the info really is helpful!

    Robyn: Thanks for stopping by--glad you enjoyed the post!

  10. Ha! Reggae in a spin class, I don't know about that! And your swimming seems to be getting better :) lol. Hope you are having a great weekend, girl. Happy Comment Love Day!

  11. Awesome to see another follower of the swim and spin routine! It is tough, but good for you sticking with it! I can't even imagine how awful a reggae spin class would be. I think I might walk out, and I am NOT a QUITTER!

  12. I LOVE your posts. you always make me giggle!

  13. TexaGermaNadian: HA! I sense a wee bit of sarcasm in your swim compliment ;) Yes, it's been a nice, sunny weekend!

    Adrian: Yes, it is tough! I know you've been at it much longer than me. I'm just trying to keep up :)

    Toesthattwinkle: Thank you, ma'am!

  14. Man I'm tired just looking at the pictures and reading this. You go girl. I'm so impressed that you are doing three things on a Sunday. Wow! I would be lucky to get one done.
    Your pictures are fun as usual. :)

  15. reggae in spin!?! yikes! way to hang in there! love all your pictures they are so funny!

  16. Dying with laughter at your illustrations. Holy cow!!! Hysterical :D

  17. Your illustrations are straight to the point! Love all of them :) Thanks for linking this awesome post at the Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop. It's a great Mothers' Day present for me :)

  18. Bernie: Thanks! Technically we only do *two* things on sunday ;) But it's still exhausting!

    Holley: Thank you :) Yeah, reggae is not even my *last* choice for music for a high intensity class.

    Dwija: Thanks! Glad I could make you laugh :D

    SJ: Thank you so much! I'm glad you found it to fit with your hop!

  19. I just found your blog through Mingle Mondays, and I'm in love! Your drawings have lifted me up on a pretty negative day... not only that, but how you feel in swimming is how I feel in running... oy vey. So glad to have found you.

  20. As an ex-swimming instructor this made me laugh outloud. Love the drawings!

  21. Hahaha! I love your drawings! Maybe I can learn to swim through them! :) (I'm an expert doggie paddler)

    Stopping by from the blog hop!

  22. I love your drawings! I would love to have something like this to print on shirts I sew. Your drawings are so cute and funny! You are so creative.

  23. I am so impressed with your athletic endeavors and that you draw about them. Visiting from the belated Mingle Monday.

  24. First, let me just say THANK YOU for all your nice comments!

    Jill: Well, I think that's one of the nicest things I've heard! I'm glad I could help brighten your day!

    Diane: Oh yes. I have swim instructors in the family; they think I'm a little ridiculous :)

    KSK: I'm not sure this is the best place to learn *technique* ;)

    Kristen: I've never thought about having my drawings on clothes!

    Laura: Glad you stopped by--I love Mingle Monday!

  25. New follower from FTLOB's Get Fit!
    Your writing and timing are FUN-NAY!
    And your illustrations?! OMG! HILARIOUS!
    Love it. Keep on keepin' on girl- I'm starting my C25K over AGAIN next week ;)

  26. I wish SO BADLY that we lived in the same city and then we could do this together. And by "we could do this together," I mean I would beg you to help me train for something other than Law & Order SVU marathons because, frankly, I'm already a pro at those. No big deal.

    Seriously, woman, you are my inspiration. Come to Dallas and be my coach? GREAT. Thanks. :)

    PS: I feel like such a bad reader/commenter lately, ugh. But I love you!

  27. Hey! I'm your newest follower from over at La Bella Vita

    I think it's so great and inspirational that you have taken on such a challenge. I wish you luck. The biggest challege I have taken recently was learning how to drive stick shift. That worked out well, and I've been trying to find a new adventure myself.

  28. Chevon: Thanks! Stick shift is a big challenge too! I tried it a couple (ok 10) years ago. It did not go well. Good for you for mastering it!

  29. I love Spin class, but I hate spin class. I remember the first time my instructor told us to do the one handed no bounce. Um....lets just say there was still some bouncing going on. Sounds like you are working super hard! Your blog is so inspirational!

  30. Looks like Blogger decided to show a few comments it had apparently deleted during the time that will not be spoken (lest it be repeated). So,

    andrea: see, we really are meant to be and order marathons are the best! (of course all the cool kids know that the original series is the BEST ONE). Honestly, i don't think i could muster this level of activity in the TX heat. And I would know. I lived there.

    Lindsay: Thanks! Yeah, the no-bounce deal is kinda tricky :D

    Again, sorry this reply is so late but i just saw these comments!!

  31. The trendy spin craze wheels into San Diego with SparkCycle's pulsating music and dance-party vibe Spin Class San Diego.


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