Saturday, April 7, 2012

Blogging, Tommie Copper & BRD Sport Helped Save My (Running) Life

When I started blogging, I thought it would be a fun way to share my workout stories with my friends and family...Oh, and you know, be as famous as Hyperbole and a Half and Cake Wrecks...and maybe Pioneer Woman.  Hello, book tour!  

(Click on the picture to see more of the details)

Hey, a girl can have delusions of grandeur dreams, right?

But then, some other cool things happened; followers, Facebook fans, and tweeps!  I was making lots of friends, learning about training and new products, and when I got hurt, I turned to my blogoverse for help.  My PT recommended compression sleeves, and Tommie Copper was the name I kept hearing.

I tweeted them about sizing and they were so helpful and nice!  And their compression sleeves ROCKED MY WORLD.  I wasn't afraid to run anymore, and I had significantly less pain.

And then, I had my first "big" blogger moment.  After my guest post on FitFluential, I was contacted by BRD Sport.  They offered to send me an Achilles ankle brace!  Now I know this is the sort of thing that happens to big blogs all the time, but this was a first for me!  I felt special.

It took some getting used to, but the brace has been great for my runs; It's like a massage for my ankle.  Mmmm, fabulous.  I just wear my Tommie Coppers on one leg, and the BRD Sport brace on the other.  They definitely seem to be helping.  Last week I ran 9 miles with NO PAIN.

So now I'm off to do a happy dance!

Or maybe I should just stick to drawing.

*I purchased the Tommie Copper sleeves and I was sent the BRD Sport brace for free. I was not asked to do a review for either of these products.  I am not being paid for this post, and my opinions are my own.  (Just wanted to share some love today.)



  1. I really like that last pic of you going off to do your happy dance, lol.

  2. I absolutely love the book signing drawing!! I am so glad you got the goods to help the legs feel better too.

    Now sign up for that tri in June and let's go have fun triathloning all summer! Less than 3 weeks until I am there!

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  3. OMG YOU JUST MADE MY DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THAT PICTURE SO MUCH. Also, I'm glad that the tommie copper sleeves (and brd sport brace) help. Congrats on pain-free 9! You are going to rock Rock n roll seattle.

  4. Yay for pain free runs! I adore my Tommie Copper sleeves too. Love your great illustrations!

  5. Very cool! I'm hoping if I blog enough about wine, a winery will hook me up...

  6. Nathan: Thanks-I'm dangerous when I'm happy ;)

    Erika: I spent way too long working on the details in that picture, but I now have a title for my book if I ever do one :P I'm still thinking about that race...

    MegO: Heehee. It was so fun to draw that :) I'm so happy you liked it.

    Christy: It's great, right? Pain-free runs are the best!

    Gia: HA! Keep working on it...then will you send them my way? Kthanks.

  7. Free shwag!?! That rocks! I've been trying to get free crap from the jump, you'd think I'd at least get a single pickle. Just one. A pickle chip would satiate me. Or vinegar and a jar! I'll take anything.
    More to you, it's great that the solution people gave you actually worked. Glad to see fellow bloggers are so helpful and not a more terrifying version of Yahoo Answers.

  8. I'm seriously obsessed with how awesome your drawings are. Are you in need of a stalker? Seriously, you SHOULD get a book deal. This achilles band you speak of sounds very interesting....

  9. Pickleope: You should definitely be getting pickles for free! I know what you mean about Yahoo Answers. It's up there with WebMD! It told me I had pneumonia...pretty sure I have a cold.

    Ricole: Will friendship do in lieu of a stalker? :D Also, I can show you my brace when we meet up in May, but you can click the link and take a look at it. It's bulkier than compression but once I'm moving it really doesn't bother me.

  10. I love your pictures!!! :)
    From someone who hasn't started running long distances yet (no more than a 10k), how do the sleeves benefit you?

  11. Maria: Thanks :) I had some tendon damage, and the sleeves actually just give my legs some compression and support so they don't hurt. I also keep them on if my ankles or calves are sore after long runs, which seems to cut down on recovery time.

  12. Yup, it's official... once you get sent a product, you're in the big time. Just don't forget all of us little people when you have your own Oprah show :-)

  13. I need to try compression, it seems like it helps....yeah? Adorable blog you got here!

  14. Dr. Cynicism: You could be my Dr. lessons in keepin' it real. Unless of course you succumb to that happiness bug for good.

    Kari: Thanks! I really do find compression helps me both during and after running.

  15. Hooray for pain-free running! I love when a new product or trick rocks my world and changes it for the better.

    Here's to many more pain-free runs! :)

  16. Alyse: What up, Sweat Pink? Yes, it is so awesome to find products that let me get back to doing what I love! Now all I have to do is get over this nasty virus and I will be doing cough-free runs too :D

    The Sarcasm Goddess: Coming from a fellow drawing blogger, that makes me happy :) (I do of course love whenever anyone strokes my ego about my drawing...but it's fun from a kindred doodler spirit).

  17. Isn't it cool when companies think your blog rocks?! I love your stick drawings! :)

  18. Lora: I don't know that that was the message I took away from it, but it's a good way to look at it! Thanks :D

  19. amazing cartoons! just stumbled upon your blog via the Fit Approach AMbassadors!

  20. LOVE this post - and I'm so excited to be an ambassador with you! Glad that your product sample helped!

  21. I love your doodle looks like you painted them! I'm a new big fan. :)

  22. Alexia: Thanks! I found your site through Fit Approach too :)

    Laura: Thank you! I'm glad it helped as well :D It's exciting to find a whole new community!

    Stephanie: Thanks! I'm a fan of your site too--love the clay photos! (this now concludes the first meeting of the mutual admiration society)

  23. You are amazing in your drawings and glad you blog has been increasingly successful! Glad you stopped by so I could find you:)

  24. Shannon: Thanks so much for coming over!

  25. Your pictures are brilliant :) And I am thrilled for your pain-free running. As someone whose running is intermittent as a result of injuries and the like, I relate to the thrill of it!

  26. Your blog is fabulous! I absolutely love it, and plan to be a daily (or as often as you post) reader from here on out.

  27. You're making it big, lady! Congrats!! :) Very awesome.

  28. Jamie: Thanks! It's fun to draw.

    Kari: Thank you! Oh, it really sucks to be injured. I'm glad you can appreciate the joy. Hope you're in a pain-free zone now!

    Pish Posh: Yes! I'm huge in Japan. Ok, not really, just in my own mind :)

  29. Your drawings are amazing..I LOVE THEM!! This is an awesome post, how exciting to get that brace!!

  30. I'm pretty new to your blog :)

    I love Tommie Copper, but I would love to try that ankle brace sometime. That's where I have most of my problems from running!

  31. This comment has been removed by the author.

  32. Either Blogger is eating my comments, or I only responded to some people in my head. So, to the ones I missed:

    Bella: Thanks! I definitely do not post daily, sometimes not even weekly, depending on what I have going on :( But, I'm so glad you're here and I hope you'll enjoy the new posts!

    Allie: You never know, right? :)

    -I swear I wrote those out. I feel like I'm taking crazy pills.

    Brittany: Thanks so much! Yes, it was so great getting that brace!

    Jamie: Welcome! You could check out the brace on their site (I linked to it in the post). I found their explanation accurate of how it feels.

  33. I want a gif of you doing a happy dance!!
    My PT today told me to get some compression shorts since apparently I'm STILL all swollen from surgery. How did I not realize this??

  34. SeeAliEatSeeAliRun: OH that gif would be awesome! I know that Tommie Copper just started selling compression shorts; you could check them out!

  35. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! I love MegO's depiction! and her computer ;) HAHHAHA :) LOVE

    I also love tommie copper and I am SOOOOO happy that that other company sent you an ankle brace. I know you've been dealing with this injury for soooooo long. I just hope you can eventually run brace and tc free :D xo

  36. I am absolutely in love with that first picture. Hilarious isn't that what every blogger thinks happens overnight though?!?

  37. Ali Mc: thanks, luckily she liked it too :). I love how great Tommie Copper has been to so many of us!

    Allison: yes! That's what will happen if we blog, right??

  38. Your pictures are way too cute. Love it!

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