Thursday, April 14, 2011

I Get a Kick out of Flashing

'Cause I'm in the Mob...the FLASH MOB!!  And let me tell you:  It.  Was... 

The choreographers were kind enough to make videos for us to learn the dance, since they were anticipating over  a *thousand* people and it would be tough to get us all in one room to practice.  The organizer, Egan, and the choreographers, Bobby and Beth, were so excited to have so many people come out to dress rehearsal!  We had to have it in a baseball field!!

The dance comprised of four different songs.  The first one was easy enough:  step side to side, a little snapping, hand gestures, and a turn.


The second song:  we were told to be *sassy*.

This dance included swinging arms, turning, and a couple of kicks.
*Note:  You may want to determine clearance needed when trying to emulate the Rockettes in your living room.

The third dance was to a Lady Gaga song.  We were told to be scary/sexy monsters.

(Sing-song voice:) Nailed it!

The last dance had lots and *lots* of jumping and SCREAMING!

That's me with my pals Ann Marie and Molly (I'm the one in the case you didn't recognize me without my usual outfit).

Our friend Cris was there too and she called between dances.

If you've ever considered doing a flash mob, I would highly recommend it.

It. Was.  AWESOME!!!  (Did I say that already?)

Not convinced yet?  Check out our flash mob HERE!


  1. Hahah. Ok, I have to admit, I am not a big flash mob fan, but really glad you had fun. And of course, love the way you described it all!!

  2. Fantastic!!! I love that you have Bobby on the fence :-)

    We are such rock stars!

  3. TexaGermaNadian: I think that it was cheesy done right! Sometimes these kinds of things make you cringe, but honestly this was put together so well and it was such fun!

    Andrea: Yup, it was!!

    Molly: Yeah, seeing him climb up the fence stuck with was cool. And *yes*, we are definitely rock stars!

  4. Flash mobs are so cool! You can search for them on YouTube and see some really good ones.

  5. KT80: Absolutely! If you click on the link at the bottom of the post you'll see ours too :D

  6. That is so cool! I loved watching it. For fun! How did you end up hearing about being in a flash mob? I have always wondered how people learn when these things are going to happen.

  7. I'm not an especially large flash mob fan, but this post (and the accompanying pictures) were great, lol XD

  8. LOOOOVED the Flash Mob! I wish they did things like these in Switzerland!

  9. Those kids at the beginning of the video were SO good!

    Have you seen that new show on TV about flashmobs? I don't remember what it's called...

    How did you find out about the mob? Is there a place to go to find out where they are/etc?

  10. Tokyo Bun Bun: Yes, very amazing :)

    Bernie: Yes it was really fun! I found out from a friend (Molly) who saw that a coworker of ours had signed up on facebook...there was a facebook page with all the details. Now, I know where to go to find out about more of them!

    Erika: You're not the only one, but I'm glad I could entertain you anyway :D

    Katherina: Yeah, it was really fun!

    April: Thanks for coming by :)

    ShanimalsCrackers: I haven't seen the show but I have heard about it! The people who organized this flash mob are at but they seem to be local. Oh, and one of those kids has been on the Ellen show! I didn't even know they were there until I saw the video because I had to 'hide'!

  11. OMG! I love your doodles. That is just the funniest thing ever! Are those jazz hands in the first photo?

  12. Just Jinny: Thanks so much!! Jazz hands? Could be... :D

  13. Somehow I missed this usual. I love the lady Gaga face! I'm so jealous, it looked so fun!

  14. ARG!!! You've lived the DREAM, girl! I would LOVE to be in a flash mob!

    My favourite part? The middle-aged dude in the blue dressshirt and a bluetooth. I believe he may have been having the MOST fun ;)

  15. Meg: You must be hiding my updates :) I look *just* like Lady Gaga, right??

    jennie: That guy is so popular. He was in last year's mob too. This was my first flash mob but I would do it again. It was really fun!

  16. Oh my! I'm going to love your blog! I was just saying yesterday how desperately I want to be part of a Flash Mob!

    (Thanks for visiting my blog, Uberlibrariana!)

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. Devin: yeah they did a really good job filming it--it was great to see how awesome things looked form an outside perspective!

    Sarah: Thanks so much for coming by!

  19. That's so fun! I would love to be part of a flash mob if there was ever one near here! I love things like that! Discovered your blog from FTLOB comment hop! I love the drawings!

  20. Carissa: Thanks for stopping by! The flash mob was SO fun!

  21. Sounds like so much fun! I've been wanting to be in a flash mob! BTW, love your pictures!

  22. Sam: Thanks! You should definitely do a flash mob if you get the chance!

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