Thursday, December 9, 2010

Mastering the Athletic Stance

Over the years the husband and I have had numerous conversations regarding the magical Athletic Stance. According to him, you can be competent at any sport if you just use the right posture. It consists of slightly bent knees, and arms out in front of you, also slightly bent. The theory is that it keeps your centre of gravity low to the ground and thus well- balanced. Here you can see him demonstrating the proper form:

Clearly, this is useful for any number of sports, including basketball,


and even weight-lifting.

After many years of observing him, I have developed a perfect replica of said Athletic Stance:

I am able to apply it to all of my new sports, including running,


and swimming.

Pretty awesome, right??

Look for upcoming posts on THE BIKE (turns out you actually can forget how to ride)


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