Thursday, June 9, 2016

I Joined Cardio Run Camp and I Love it!

Like I said a couple of weeks ago, my comfort zone is small and I've only been here since mid-February. So it took me some time to force interactions with people beyond:

Oh, although I did go on a couple of job interviews right away and I met up with Gigi for lunch!

Thanks to Pickleope's suggestion, I went onto and I found the Athleta Cardio Run Camp. It had 2 very important factors that made me decide to try it:

Number 1:

Number 2:

When I got to the store I made a little awkward small talk and then we started our run.

We ran from the store down to the beach (you can feel bad for me now) and stopped at different spots along the boardwalk to do our workouts. They included super fun things like lots of push ups, tricep dips,  jump squats and lunges.

Our coach was Brittney and she was friendly and motivating. So I went back the next week. There were some new faces, including Bari. It turned out we had some things in common.

Such as:

And also:


Turns out we're both Sweat Pink ambassadors too.

The following week Sandra came to class. She is also a speech pathologist, who used to live in Austin and volunteered at the school where I first worked. What a small world!

Anyway, there are always lots of groups working out on the beach, like a kids' boxing class, personal training groups, and Navy candidates. Since we always see the same people, Brittney came up with an idea:

We did, of course, because Brittney is persistent but she also made it funish. She has promised us that we will have more workouts with them in the future.

One day we were midway through our workout when Brittney asked us to play a fun game:

I love games.


Often we do wall sits as our last super fun activity before running back. Brittney has started asking questions to help distract us some from the fatigue. We share our favourite foods, what one food we would have on a desert island (fries for me), and which superhero you would be. Bari went first:

She did, in fact, mean Mystique.

Making new friends is cool.

If you are willing to go to Santa Monica on Sunday mornings you should definitely join us!


If you could be any superhero who would you be?



  1. oh, this looks fun! But, I'm in Iowa, so I probably will not be joining you on the beach. I was in Pasadena for the Rose Bowl, though, and did a race on Santa Monica beach on NYE ;-)

    1. Oh yup, that's a little far! But if you ever come back, let me know!

  2. That sounds so fun! And yes I'm jealous of your beach workouts

    1. Other than the moments we're cursing Brittney for making us work so hard, but she tells us it's because she loves us so it's all good :D

  3. Haha! Sounds like a great workout and great fun with new friends!!! Keep it up- you're my inspiration!!!! 😀

  4. That sounds like a blast! And you meet new friends. I wish I could join you!

  5. Glad you found some other SLPs and runners...Hubby used to run Santa Monica in the 70s....he and his friend would go for miles without seeing any other runners....different world now!

    1. It's definitely a different world. I see runners literally every time I walk out the door.

  6. Nope nope nope. I 100% concur with that definitive nope-ing. And holy cow. SERIOUSLY small world. This post made me laugh multiple times. Yay!

    1. I know, it's crazy how small the world is! I'm always happy to hear I make you laugh :D

  7. OMG! I've lost track of you and didn't realize you were here!!! And you met Gigi! (She's my long lost daughter, you know. Not really, but I wish). Will you be at Blogfest now that you're on the right coast (or left coast, but you know what I mean)?

    1. Yup I'm here! I'm not going to Blogfest but I am planning to meet up with Lea when she comes to visit. I'm open to more visits too!

  8. Love that you found this group although I wish I was there with you!
    And for superhero - Ironman of course ;)

    1. I wish too! I'll take you when you come visit :D
      Ironman--that's perfect!


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