Tuesday, February 17, 2015

My "Swim, Bike, Run" is Turning into "Sleep, Sleep, Sleep".

I have a confession to make:

I'm not really training right now.

I want to be, but I'm so tired. So very, very tired.

After the Portland Marathon I pretty much lost all my mojo.  1 week off turned into 3 months off.

A couple of months ago I went to a workshop at my PT clinic that was all about jump starting your training early. I thought it would be the kick in the pants I needed to get moving again. They talked about setting up your training into mini, meso, and macro cycles (basically short-, mid-, and long-term goals.)

Next a dietician/ultramarathoner spoke about the importance of fueling our bodies for our workouts. She opened the floor for discussion by asking one of my fellow participants about his eating habits:

He's serious about his nutrition. Hyperserious.

The dietician then scanned the room for another sharer.

Guess who she picked?


I tend to ramble when I feel put on the spot.

A lot of the presentation went over my head, but I learned I should be training consistently in order to stay fit and healthy and be better prepared for 'racing' season.

Which brings me back to my current situation: I'm tired. I barely work out Monday to Friday and then the weekend comes.

And I swim!

I bike!

I run!

And then Monday comes along and I'm wiped out again.

Last week I tried something new.  I committed to 10 minutes of exercise when I got home, regardless of what time it was.

It worked for a couple of days.

This week, I decided to add some WYCWYC (What You Can, When You Can) to my life.  The idea was started by super bloggers Carla Birnberg and Roni Noone.  It's about doing what you have time to CAN do and not judging yourself when you can't do more.  Plus, it's super fun to say.

Say it with me:

Better yet, say it with Carla and Roni!

See? Superfun.

SO NOW I'M ASKING FOR YOUR IDEAS! I WILL TRY THEM OUT AND BLOG ABOUT HOW I DO! (I will of course mention you, and link back to you if you're a social media type :D)

Just answer any or all of these questions in the comment section:

1. How successful are you with getting in your work time and play time?
3. How many times a week are you working out if you're in base training?
2. How should I try to get my workouts in during daylight hours? (I don't have the option of lunchtime workouts)
P.S. Are there any wickwickers out there?



  1. Haha! I would not have wanted to be called on after that guy either. Geez. I feel lucky to get any training in these days (after baby), but am happy to report that I've run 4 (!!!) days this week!! Training for our race! Love the post!! :)

    1. Right?? That guy was intense. I'm super impressed with all your running! You'll be back up to 'speed' in no time!

  2. Quit your job and become a professional tri athlete? Is that a thing? Cuz that would solve #2 (which is, coincidentally, the third question on the list)

    1. Haha! Thank you for pointing that out! I'm going to blame fatigue and a stuffy head on that mistake :P And yes, being a professional triathlete is most definitely a thing! That will make it into a post (though it will be a what-if scenario!)

  3. I'm not a wycwyc-er but my life is so busy that I just do my workouts. I was hit with some major personal issues in the name of a teenage boy last week and that threatened to derail me--but after one day off, I decided that wasn't going to work out so well. I just got back on the horse and ran. I had a run so strong, I felt like I could tackle anything. I also felt less like pounding on my son. So there's that to motivate me as well.

    I hope you can push through the funk and get back on track! Let me know if I can send more motivation your way. Seriously.

    1. Oh Wendy, I'm glad your workouts make you not want to pound on other people :D I'm working on a way to leave work earlier (i.e. on time) so that I'm not getting home at 7:30. That seems to be the biggest factor right now in my lack of desire. But still, I need to exercise, so I'm up for any motivation you're willing to share!! Thank you!

  4. Oh girl, it's not you're fault! It's really hard to workout in WA during the winter! I'm like you - I do awesome on the weekends, but weekdays are hard because my job exhausts me and I go to work in the dark and come home in the dark, and it's not fun exercising in the dark and the cold! I've found that if I want to exercise after work, I have to take care of my body in other ways in order to get there. I have to eat healthy food, I take Vitamin D supplements, I sleep for 7-8 hours at night. If all of those things are in place, it's more likely that I'll be able to get out there after work.

    1. Thank you Becky! Yes, work is exhausting and that doesn't help. (Did I tell you I do an autism intensive day treatment program 4 days a week?)
      My sleep is good, since I'm skipping my workouts in favour of eating dinner when I get home and then going to sleep. But I just took my vitamins thanks to your reminder!!

  5. I love wycwyc and of course I love your drawings! I workout 6 days a week first thing in the morning. My alarm is usually set for 5 am and I get up, walk the dog, and either go for a run, head to spin class, or do a strength workout at home. Saturdays I do a long run. Sundays I go for a long bike ride with my husband if the weather is OK. If you are TIRED you need the rest. When I have days like that I still get up and do something easy like a yoga dvd or just some stretching.

    1. Thanks Coco! Your routine sounds solid. But ugh, the morning workout...I will try it :D

  6. If I didn't workout in the morning it would never happen. I am out the front door by 5AM. I often am still getting dressed as I throw myself out the door. I check I have everything I need for the day in the cold on the front porch. I figure I have to get out there before my body figures out it isn't still in bed. I'm in Canada and the colder and nastier the weather the better I do. I figure I am earning my Canadian stripes and also I go to the gym to swim and I know on bad days the pool will be empty and all mine.
    After work I have no energy. If that is the only time you can workout and you manage it then you have my respect! That is tough!

    1. Sigh. I know I should try to work out in the morning. But, I get up at 6 already to enjoy my shower and breakfast and I just don't know if I can go any earlier. But maybe I'll give it a shot!

  7. Don't feel bad if you're not training right now, listen to your body - and if you're tired... You're tired!! You need to take a break or at least just go for walks! Walking is a very powerful activity that people take for granted! ;) I am going to have to decrease my exercise over the next 4 - 6 weeks... And I am going to be doing A LOT of walking!

    1. Well I am definitely tired! ;) I MOVE all day long, working with very busy children, but it's not the exercise I'm looking for...so what is happening over the next 4-6 weeks?? Are you ok?

    2. He He! All good in the hood ;) Had a little something something take place...... HE HE HE!

  8. um ok
    so IM REALLLY EMOTIONAL THESE DAYS but thats not really why.
    this whole thing choked me up.
    the losing the mojo (raises hand)
    the all of it.
    Im a crack of dawn woman.
    and some days I move
    and some days I just drink coffee
    and some days I watch my child and my doooooodle sleep
    and some days I pray.
    and some days I move.
    I always meet myself with acceptance and love BUT BUT BUT I also dont compete so there is that chance you should disregard all the above.

    1. Well, your response is making me feel good. Good, good. And then, I find out you and Roni like the drawing and say nice things about it, and you made my night! (Not that I *need* validation from others...)

  9. I think this is something you have to decide for yourself. Are you so tired due to working so much.. ios the no training due to underlying issues? Do you need to do something different due to burn out?

    Me - I have been busy most of my life but I know what I want for me so I find a way to do it & listen to the bod when I need a little break. HOnest - I rarely have taken off more than a week on my home thru the years.. only more than that due to illness.

    But this is me - I like to keep it that way - I need it for weight maintenance anyway & if I did not do it, I would have to eat so little & not willing to do that OR not willing to have some balance in food so... plus I like weight lifting.

    More than a week off & that for many can lead to too long off..

    But for you - what is right for you!!!???

    1. I DO have to decide what's right for me. I think 'what you can, when you can' is the best mindset right now, and probably always will be!

  10. Your details crack me up. The fire in your running eyes; the skull on Carla's t-short. I am energized with laughter that I might take a nap. Zzzzzonk.. Our post today even mentioned how laughter affects memory. SO now I will remember how funny you always are.

    1. Ha! I hope you still remembered me after your nap :D

  11. Let me just start by saying how amazingly talented you are in reaching your audience through images and words, humor and serious topics (triathlon is very, very serious :-).

    About your question. . . I started following CultFit.com solely because of his tagline: Random Workouts, Random Results. That's what I did when I trained for my first triathlon in my mid-40s a few (um) years ago (2008). My Dad developed Alzheimer's and I ended up being his caretaker, so of course I ate to relieve my sadness and pain. 20 pounds later (mind you I was already 25 pounds overweight from a horrible marriage--which is over!), I decided I would do a Sprint Triathlon for realsies. That was 2010. Couldn't do it well, Dad was slipping. By May 2011 (and I hit my all-time high of 222), I spent most of my time lamenting, trying to get my life back in order, appreciate my new amazing husband, etc. EXCUSES.

    Fast forward to 2013--I was back at it, signed up on January 1 for every race I wanted to do, including a half marathon for my 50th birthday. My asthma came back with a vengeance and I couldn't even do my first 5k outside. It took me an hour on my treadmill in the basement. FF to June? Sick for my first outdoor triathlon. FF to July? Bike wreck, separated shoulder. FF to September? Can finally run, plantar fasciitis. Out for 5 months. We volunteered at the half (in San Antonio--already bought the plane tickets)!

    FF to 2014, I AM BACK. I will no longer allow anything but illness and work to get in the way again. And work, only if I'm a total idiot and got completely buried.

    Last year, I trained every day except for a couple each month. I had a goal of swimming 50 miles and cycling 750 (250 more than I'd ever done in a year) and 250 running. I didn't hit the running -- due to PF, but hit swimming on my birthday when I swam 50 laps in celebration. I hit 1250 miles cycling! BLEW IT OUT OF THE WATER! Completed my first half century, a full 24 miles longer than my longest bike ride ever.

    This year, I take a break once every other week. I went too long without being ABLE to do anything--and while I am now 51 and my muscles atrophy SO much quicker, I don't have the luxury of taking time off. Besides, I'm super motivated to move. I see my Dad's death at 76 as sad, because he never exercised.. Too busy. Mom is almost 80 and looks 60. She is solid as a rock and swims a mile without thinking. One tough bird. She'll be around, alert, and awesome til her 90s.

    She is my inspiration, as are all of those people who came back from the battlefields with parts missing, whether physical, emotional, or in their soul. I do it for them. I do it for me.

    Now, you do it for you!

    And I will see you out there! I'll be the slow fat one, encouraging everyone as they pass me, friggin' HUGE SMILE on my face, saying "I AM DOING THIS!" :-)

    1. Wow! Thank you so much for sharing your story. I feel like mortality is a good reason for getting our butts in gear, no matter how many setbacks we have.
      You're right, I spent so many years thinking I couldn't do any of these things, that I'm crazy to think about stopping now!
      I'll see you out there!!

  12. I really wanted to respond to this post last week but I had my own little #wycwyc dilemma and wrote myself a REMINDER to come back here on Monday morning to comment. :-)

    So I'm a little late to the party but LOVED reading all of the previous responses!

    1. How successful are you with getting in your work time and play time? I TRY REALLY REALLY HARD. But I never *scratch-that* rarely feel like I've gotten it right. I have a demanding job (that I love) and an AWESOME husband (who is NOT all that demanding and I love him too). Anda college-student-kid living at home and two dogs who are each demanding in completely different ways. One of the ways I carve out time for exercise is that I trade of dog-walking responsibilities with the Hubs. Days when he walks them are gym-days for me, so I get my strength training in and more running (the dogs, when walking together, are NOT runners).

    3. How many times a week are you working out if you're in base training? SHORT ANSWER: 3. It's pretty much always 3. I try for 4 but generally it's Saturday OR Sunday and then the two days that the Hubs walks the dogs. I keep telling myself that I'll make it Saturday AND Sunday but ... Sunday we walk the dogs together and most times I just want to spend the rest of the day hanging out with all my boys. It's the one day everyone has off work / school / etc. So base traiing or gearing up for a race... it's usually 3 times a week. When the weather cooperates, I'll get out for at least one more run each week, but man when it's 2 degrees outside, it's hard to remember that there are days like that!

    2. How should I try to get my workouts in during daylight hours? (I don't have the option of lunchtime workouts) ME NEITHER! I've known women (mostly) who run during their lunch breaks, but ... idk, maybe they just don't sweat like I do??? I can't go exercise then just change into my work clothes. Gross. And I'm NOT a morning person, I wish I could do the early-am thing but it's just not in my DNA (though Roni makes me think it's possible to change that over time). So I have group runs on Tuesdays that start at 5:30 with my running group - this time of year, that's still (sort of) daylight. Or I hit the gym. For me the trick is to make CERTAIN I have a gym-bag packed. If I have to go home, for ANY reason, after work, all is generally lost. I even made sure that my gym lies BETWEEN work and home, so I don't have to drive past my house to get there on days when I am not feeling it.

    P.S. Are there any wickwickers out there? YES!!! Glad they pointed me to your blog! I'm enjoying catching up on your previous posts! I hope you develop some awesome new strategies from this post!

    Signing off..

    My occasional blog posts can be found at www.CPAGrrrlStrongerFasterBetter.blogspot.com
    And my facebook page (much more active than the blog in recent months... sad but true) www.facebook.com/CPAGrrrlStrongerFasterBetter

    1. Hi CPAGrrrl! thanks so much for coming back to comment so thoroughly! So, it is nice to hear that you can get your training in 3 days a week. Right now it feels like I'm *supposed* to be doing something every day and I can't handle it! Hence #wycwyc!!! So glad they introduced us!

  13. Im so late to the party but thought I'd still attempt a comment.

    1. I fit in what I can ( is that a fiwic?) but generally I feel like I get a balance but Husband may dispute that.

    2. I get in 3 a week if I'm trying hard I may get in 4. Apparently I need to be moving up to 5. At which point in between I will sleep alot.

    3. I like training in the dark. Dark morning runs, so cool but always with another person. Hardly ever have an excuse if the other person is scary.

    Finally fear does it for me. Enter something I think I can't do and then spend 6 months being terrified I can't and will be last, it seems to do it for me! Hope you get back into it soon, just think Olympic Tri and you have to get a better time than that 45 year old crazy moonboots in Yorkshire!

    1. Hey there Moonboots!
      Yes, balance is tough! 3 workouts is pretty much what I am managing these days too but they're all on the weekend, which I feel is probably not the best.

  14. I have been in your situation before: I needed to figure out how to fit more of what I really enjoyed doing into my life and TIME seemed to be my biggest obstacle. Something I did that for me you may also find helpful was to take out a piece of paper and brainstorm every single typical activity of your day in absolute chronological order. Leave nothing out. Then draw a line through those things you don't really need to do. Next, see if you can regroup other essential activities into one time during the day. This, if done right, will free up a window of time that you didn't have before to do that important thing, like workout. I hope this helps!

    1. Thank you--interesting idea, Tempest! I'll give it a shot!

  15. My brain and body are SO exhausted recently, that even a simply run doesn't sound like fun...I need to kick whatever is going on so I can train again!

    1. Right? The clocks change soon so hopefully that will help.

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