Sunday, June 3, 2012

A Run/Eat Blogger Meetup (and blah-blah blogging)

Well friends, I know I haven't been around much lately, because I've had the blogging blahs.  When it comes to blogging I'm usually all:

But lately I've been more:

"Meh" about blogging and the internet in general.  I've really just needed a break from it.  Anyway, I'm now back to it and I hope there are still some of you around :D

To the blogging!  

A few weeks ago, I went to a blogger meetup with a bunch of fantastic bloggers and Tweeters.  I was incredibly excited to go, aside from the one teeny-tiny, itty-bitty, little catch.

I had to drive through downtown, down a crazy off-ramp, and over a very large bridge.

(Have I ever mentioned that I'm afraid of heights?  Like, a vertigo-inducing, crippling paralysis kind of fear?  Yup.)

I tried to convince TriGuy to go with me.  And by "go with me" I absolutely mean "DRIVE me".

He was not exactly psyched about sitting around while I ran and then chatted with a bunch of girls.  Go figure.  Also, he may have been burned once or two dozen times in the past by this statement.

So, the morning of, I sucked it up (after a last-ditch effort for chauffering accompaniment).

It was early and on the weekend so there was not too much traffic.  I managed to get to the right exit and get over the bridge without passing out, so that was a success.

Once I was safely on the other side I had to stop at a traffic light.  By that point I had some serious cottonmouth and I was shaking from head to toe.  My teeth even started chattering.

But, I had done it!

Once I got to the meetup point, it took just a few minutes for everyone to arrive.  We had decided on a 5 mile run followed by lunch.  We headed out and broke up into groups.  I was so happy to run with Erika, and was comforted that she had already run that morning.

I figured she would be ok running slowly with me.

I was also happy that we were running along the water, where it was flat; a rare treat for me.
We decided to throw in a couple of sprints right at the halfway mark.  I went all out.  I'm talking full-steam.  It felt great!

...for about 10 seconds.

I then spent the last 2.5 miles engaging in fabulous conversation with Erika.

I was scintillating.

Once our run was done, we met up to eat with the other runners, along with a few other ladies who joined us for lunch. I got to chat with Stacie, Erika, Rebecca, Zoe, Nicole, Pensive Pumpkin, Emily, Allison, and Robyn.

We had a great time getting to know each other, and Stacie had a fantastic surprise:  a company called Run Pretty Far had heard about our meetup and sent us all their stickers, hairbands, and running sleeves!

Social media is a wonderful thing!

I'm looking forward to another meetup soon :)


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  1. wahhhh jealous of your meet up :( thank goodness we get to meet up for real in just a few short weeks. I've had the blogging blahs recently too. Sometimes it's just so chaotic in real life that it feels like a chore to talk about your life to your social media life, ya know? Glad you're back though and sounds like a fun time!

  2. LOVE IT!!! So glad you overcame your bridge fears to meet us! And that you're overcoming the blogging blahs! Let's plan another meetup! :-)

  3. you are right it was soooo fun and we need to do it again!!

  4. I am also getting over the blogging blas. It is rough when you can't get your creative juices flowing, especially when you put so much into your blog (for me... I actually have to bake something interesting). I'm glad to see you back!

  5. bahahaha wish I could have been there! =) I've had the blogging blahs a lot lately too - actually a LOT of bloggers have! I heard its a summer thing -- we just want to be outsiiiiide! <3

  6. I have the blogging "blahs" too. I think that it is because it is getting to be nice outside and I really just don't want to sit in front of the computer and blog. Oh well! :-)

  7. Aww, sounds like a great time!

  8. The driving picture and the "miniscule" picture are so good. So good. I love the details. Glad that you're back at blogging (no pressure, though, have fun with it, at your leisure).
    I'd love to go to a blogger meet-up...provided there was less running and more boozing.

  9. I hear ya on the blogger blahs! My life this upcoming week isn't going to allow for much blogging.

    Sounds like a great meet up and congrats getting over your fear! Sounds like it was worth it.

  10. sometimes I feel a little out of focus wit blogger, breaks are needed

  11. MegO: I can't wait to finally meet you in person!!

    Ricole: Thanks :D We need to start planning around RnR!

    pensive pumpkin: Yes! RnR in 3 weeks!

    Meghan: Right! Having to bake would take more effort than having to draw!

    Jenn: It was fun! So glad to hear I'm not the only one :)

    Tasha: Makes sense. It's too bad you're feeling it too :(

    Gia: It was a good time!

    Pickleope: Thank you, sir. I have such a hard time drawing people in cars. I'm definitely up for a more *casual* meetup, as long as someone else drives :D

    Meghan: Sounds like it's a common trend these days! And for the record, I did not get over my fear...

    Adam: Agreed!

    Mandy: It was!

  12. I'm glad I'm not the only one that is scared of driving. I used to be a super driver and could navigate anything but then I started commuting by train and then lived downtown. I didn't realize how bad it was until I tried to drive down I-5 at a busy time. Now I will drive back roads even if it takes me twice as long.

    I get to meet you in Seattle for RNR, right?

  13. Sorry to hear you caught the blogging blahs. I've got them a bit too. But…I'm so glad you're back. I've missed you. Can totally relate to your driving over high bridges fear. I used to go into full panic mode if I had to drive over any of the bridges in the San Francisco area (which is a problem if you want to get from one side of the bay to the other).

    Welcome back to the blogging world!! Loved your drawings :).

  14. I definitely went through a "mehh... blogging" spout earlier this year.

    I loved it, but did not have enough energy for it.

  15. Wish I could have been there. Sounds like a great time:) Hope your blogging enthusiasm comes back since I can't get enough of your fun drawings:)

  16. Laura: I wouldn't say I'm afraid of driving in general, just when it comes to scary bridges and off-ramps...I drive a few hundred miles a week for work :) I-5 through downtown when it's really busy sucks. Sooo jealous that you can take the train. I took it once and LOVED it. Anyway...YES! Meetup for RnR! I'll start a thread on Twitter!

    Carrie: Thank you; you're so sweet :) I guess a lot of us go up and down with blogging. I will get used to driving a scary route if I have to do it a lot, but the first few times are the worst.

    Stephanie: I'm seeing that a lot! Hopefully it's temporary :)

    hiker mom: Thank you. I hope we can meet soon!

  17. LOL. I am not at all a runner - or someone who possesses a license. So I am impressed on so many fronts. Oh and you're a great blogger too! I'm glad you are over your blogging hohums!

  18. I'm glad you're back from your break! I'm with Pickleope on any blogger meet ups I would attend.

  19. Love your illustrations. A meet-up should definitely not have any running in it!
    Sounds like you had a good time though and kicked your fear of height in the butt!

  20. I always say that if you see me running, pay attention because something VERY bad is happening behind me. Hahahaha!

  21. I got a winded just reading that. I better start exercising again.

    (Kellie's World)

  22. carrie: Thanks! I could not live my current life without a license :)

    Vanessa: Thank you-we could all go over to Google+ and have a 'hangout' :D

    Kerstin: Thanks-I definitely did not kick the fear; it is alive and well. I just went anyway :)

    Delilah: Too funny!

    Joe: Hehe :)

  23. sounds so fun! minus the running part. bleh. i'm more of a sit and drink wine blogger meet up kind of gal.

  24. First time here. Love your style!!! Flat surfaces - my favorite to run on. :)

  25. Does it mean we are destined to be running partners if I only plan courses based on FLAT surfaces?! Happy to find you through #yeahwrite!

  26. Loved that. And you looked so fab for about 10 seconds running. That made me think of a long-legged redhead I used to run with. I dreaded her call "You want to run?" I would huff and puff and she would be chatty Cathy. I feel your pain. :^)

  27. I'm terrified of large bridges. I once had to pull over for an hour before I was able to cross the large bridge at the Texas/Louisiana border. Sounds like a fun meetup. I miss running. Haven't done it since my youngest was born. Need to start again...

  28. Tara: I would all over a 'sit and drink wine' meetup!

    Kim: Thank you! I live in a really hilly neighbourhood, so flat is kind of a big deal :)

    doseofreality: Well, thanks!

    Jamie: Yes, absolutely! Glad you came over :D

    SouthMainMuse: Oh I know. My most frequent running buddy is way faster than me, so she knows to keep talking when I start huffing and puffing. She can talk no matter what!

    Treading Water: I believe it. We once drove through Tennessee and I made sure my husband was driving because there was an enormous bridge we had to take. It was a fun meetup :)

  29. Way to overcome your fears! Impressive! And I want running sleeves. Anyone? Bueller? Ellen

  30. Good for you on the bridge! Glad you had a good time.

    8 mile warm-up??? Blind??? Currently feeling very out of shape, thank you. :)

  31. I used have a fear of highways I would drive long distances to avoid them. Well done with the run.

  32. I absolutely LOVE the drawings of me!! You are hilarious and they made me smile ear to ear! Thank you :)
    I hear you about the "blahs" but I know every one of your posts makes me so happy so I hope the blahs are short lived ;)
    Let's swim again soon!

  33. Love the drawing!! I am such a blog addict. I read blogs, write blogs, look for blogs, blog, blog, blog. LOL

  34. Glad you made it over that bridge! And how great that you are jogging and being social with other joggers! (I wish I had started something like that in my twenties, I'd still be a lot thinner now that I'm reaching the end of my 40s! At least I'm blogging--and walking my dog! OK, now I feel pressure to run with her LOL!)

  35. I'm so glad your run meetup was fun and rejuvenated you. It sounds awesome.

  36. This was HILARIOUS.
    Love your fear of heights and the pic of you driving over that bridge, clicking.
    Glad you made the run. Brave!

  37. Ellen: Yeeaahh, so I didn't overcome that fear, just kind of plowed through it. It's still there :) You can order sleeves from Run Pretty Far (I'm sure other places too). Or, you can start tweeting and blogging about how awesome they are :P

    Michelle: Thanks! Yes I do not do 8 mile warmups...but then again I'm not training for an Ironman like she is!

    Vivian: It isn't fun when a highway is super-congested and confusing :)

    Erika: Well good :D I seem to have to do a lot of running these days! But I need to swim and BIKE asap, so let's plan something for the next couple of weeks!

    Cathy: Thanks! I guess I'm kind of up and down with blogging--I get overwhelmed even with all the good stuff.

    Lisa: I wish I had started in my 20s too!!

    Kristen: Yes it was great!

  38. Meet up sounds fun!! I think we all get meh sometimes :)

    I love your drawings!!

  39. Ado: Thanks :) I do click often as my teeth chatter both when I'm cold and shell-shocked.

    Pish Posh: Thank you! The meetup was fun. I'm glad so many fabulous bloggers are telling me they get tired of it sometimes.

  40. I love your pictures! Also, I think the blog blahs are going around. I have a case of them myself, and with the Internet in general. It gets stale and you need a break to live offline and in real time, you know? At any rate, it's not going anywhere.

    With that said, I'm glad you went somewhere for the meet-up! I don't know of any bloggers in my area, but I would feel the same way as you did. However, it looks like it was totally worth it. Go you!

  41. Oh my gosh that made me laugh. The whole trying to convince TriGuy to go with you. I've done the same thing so many times. "Come on. It'll be fun!" even though I know he'd hate it but I don't want to go alone. Even the "Alright then...I'm off" with a backwards side eye to see if he's changed his mind yet.
    Oddly, it never works.
    Glad you're back!

  42. Yeah, I don't think I could ever go to one of those. Virtually no one in real life knows about my blog and I'd like to keep it that way.

  43. Abby: Thanks :) Must be the time of year for the blogging blahs. The meetup was fun and I'm definitely glad I went!

    VV: You're right; it never works. The guys know better and really we should too :P I definitely wanted to go, I just don"t like driving to unfamiliar places if I have to go on crazy interstate ramps. Otherwise, I'm happy drive myself.

    DWei: These were all people I've met through blogging, so it was cool :)

  44. Whoa this is the most hardcore blogger meet up I've ever heard, y'all rule!

  45. YAY! Welcome back. I've felt the same way about blogging, and I feel like much of the blogosphere was in the same boat. It took a blogger meet up for me to feel better about blogging too :)

    Nice bling and so fun you all ran together!!!

  46. Alex: Hehe. Runners are a little crazy, eh?

    Ali Mc: Thanks :) I think you're right! I'm hearing that a lot and I've noticed fewer postings from many of my faves. And it was cool that there were enough of us to break into groups to find one or two others to run at the same pace.

  47. I think that summer time is BUSY time and so people are off doing things instead of blogging about them! But we are all still here!

    That is so cool that you had such a fun (and large!) meetup! And that you guys all ran together as well! What a great excuse to get together...not that we all need one, but still!

  48. What are running sleeves? I am not afraid of heights unless there is a bridge and driving involved. Then I totally get you!

  49. Kyria: Fair enough--being busy is good! It's always nice to have an excuse to get together :)

    Alexandra & Kymberly: They're spandex-y tubes you pull onto your arms. When you get warm you can either push them down or stuff them in your pockets (or into your waistband if you're cool like me). I never understood the reason for them, but they beat wearing an extra shirt and having to then run with it tied around your waist :) Also, glad you're with me on the bridge thing. Frankly though, I can't even climb a ladder without starting to shake.


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