Monday, February 27, 2012

I'm Guest Posting on FitFluential!

Hey, guys!  Remember how I told you I'm a FitFluential Ambassador?

Well today, I am guest posting on their blog!  It's called The Lighter Side of Rehab.

If anyone would like to become an ambassador, go over and click on the blogger request!  If you are not a blogger, have no fear!  You can still be an ambassador in the fitness enthusiast category!

I'll be back with my next post this weekend!


  1. Woohoo guest post! You're WORLD FAMOUS! :P

  2. CONGRATULATIONS! That is amazing. And I LOVE that picture! Love love love.

  3. Gia: Yup. I my own little world with my friends that I adore :D

    hiker mom: Thanks! I appreciate the support!

    Ricole: Thank you! I love that you love :)))

  4. Nice post! I'm glad you're getting over your injuries. Splints to stretch your calves out sounds bloody horrific though =/

  5. Cranface: Thanks for going over to read it! And, as long as I have the splints set correctly, they're fabulous :)

  6. I filled out the FitFluental app. Thank you for the info. Thanks for Tri-ing to be Athletic.

    trainDANEgerously everyday

  7. trainDANEgerously: Awesome! There are lots of great fitness people and not enough men!

  8. Was wondering why you hadn't posted in a while and then I scroll around and find out you've injured yourself. :(

    Get better soon.

  9. ummmm hello - get a new post already ;) lol

  10. DWei: Thanks! It's just tweaked :) It *will* be better soon!

    Ali Mc: Hello, I have a day job! Geez, woman ;) I'm actually working on one. I have 1/3 of the drawings done.


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