Sunday, February 13, 2011

Drinking while Half-ing

As the race started, we all took off running.  I decided to let everyone pass me so that I could make sure no one was following us (hehe). When I got to the 1.5 mile marker, I moved over to the water station and prepared to glide by as I expertly picked off a cup of water.

And when *that* didn't work, I stopped in front of someone and let them hand me the cup.

I took a couple of sips, tossed my cup to the side of the road (oh yeah, now I'm a runner) and subsequently noticed the plethora of garbage cans lined up for just that purpose.

I sheepishly continued on my way, and strategized that whole next mile and a half about getting that cup!

When I reached the water station, I walked over to the table, stopped, and grabbed the cup!

I took a sip.  It was at that moment I realized I *may* have celebrated a smidgen early.

Turns out, trying to swallow whilst simultaneously trying to catch one's breath really messes with the whole suck/swallow/breathe cycle.  Once I was back to inhaling more O2 than H2O, I threw out my cup in the garbage can (yep, I learn real quick) and was on my way once again.

At each of the subsequent water stations I finessed my system of walk, grab, choke sip.

After about an hour I was getting pretty hot, so I decided that at the next station I would pour a cup of water over my head.

 Remember how I said my hat was waterproof?  Yeah.

I decided instead to take advantage of the friendly offers from children with super-soakers to help cool me down.

I now had two methods (drinking and soaking) to get me to the finish without dissolving into a puddle of sweat and regret; which I managed to do ahead of 19 others...some of whom may or may not have been walkers.

I made it to the finish line, clocking in at 2:32--a very satisfying time for my first race.  I smiled for my photo, then went over to share some witty banter with the volunteer who removed my race chip.

Dave found me lurching toward the food table. We had both finished our first respective races and were riding high on endorphins! We spent the rest of the day eating

and sleeping,

and repeating.

*This post kinda got away from me, but I wanted to share my first race with you guys!  So, even if I took you down a different path than you were expecting, I hope you enjoyed it :)




  1. Well done, kid! One of these days, Imma have to do that.

  2. Thanks Mollie!! Yes, it is great!! You should do it!

  3. Oh man, I've had the worst time trying to drink and catch my breath too!! Good job getting through your first half!!

  4. Glad to know I'm not the only one, Adrian!

  5. Yayy, considering u had some mishaps, it was definitely a success. I can't remember, have u signed up for any races any time soon?

  6. I signed up for two sprint tris this summer. I haven't signed up for runs yet. I've had to wait to get my orthotics, which I pick up Friday. I'm allowed to train for summer runs, so I'm looking into it. I was going to do the rock n roll but it's expensive. Still figuring it out...

  7. I love your blog. Good text, but I especially love the drawings! I'm actually a new (3 years) runner, more like a jogger, and I hate it. Hate it. (In fact, I just started a group on BloggyMoms called "Running Sucks" I hate it so much -- but there's nothing better for getting a lot of fitness 'bang for your buck', so I do it). Anyway -- thanks for visiting my blog from BlogHer. I'm going to follow your quest here - keep it up.


  8. Thanks Allie! You know, there are lots of other things you can do: swimming and biking are 2 that I can think of off the top of my head ;)
    Following you back :)

  9. will you be able to run in the winter too? if so, you should make a trip to vegas and do the rock n roll there, I'm trying to convince Ryan that we should go so I can do it. We could run it together!!! :) And ps, I like your novels on my blog they always make me smile. You are so great at motivating, giving advice, and making a joke!

  10. Meg, is that in december? if so, then i would definitely consider it!

  11. Yes it is! I would so excited to meet up with one of my fav bloggy buds :)

  12. Hey -- I just wanted to ask: Who does your illustrations, your stick people? I really like them and I want to see if the artist (you?) would consider doing some illustrating for a project I have. If there's any interest, my email is Thanks -- Allie

  13. Allie, I sent you an email (and yes, in case others are wondering...i am the illustrator :D )

  14. I have wanted to start running for over a year now, I tried twice but failed both times, Im determined to some day be a runner! I LOVE your blog sooo cute and so original!! Congrats on your race!!! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet comment!!! Guess what im following you! I hope you have a great weekend!

  15. Thanks Heather! I'll tell you i have tried and failed at running many times, but i spent a whole winter running on the treadmill and that helped me get over the 3 mile hump.

  16. I love to grab the cup and throw it down like it has done something to me. This is especially true on a 5k. It makes me feel more like a "runner". I tend to walk with my clients so the over zealous grabbing or water isn't necessary, but fun. I can never turn down a little on that enthusiastically wants to give you a cup, of course while jumping right in front of you while you are actually running. Almost sending you both the ER.

    P.S. I had grabbing water and simultaneously soaking your shoes so that now your feet are wet for the duration of the race.

    Way to go!!

  17. Oh yeah, i didn't think about the wet shoes...yuck!

  18. Maybe I should proofread before I post. Could be an entire blog on that subject in my case.


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