Friday, June 16, 2017

We Did It!

You guys. It finally happened.

This blog has reached:


And it only took 6 years, 6 months, and 8 days.

Now, you might think that is a very long time to reach 1 million hits.

You would be wrong because it is, in fact, an extremely, stupendously, enormously long time to reach 1 million hits. It's like...whatever the opposite of dog years would be.

Regardless, I have a lot of people to thank for visiting this site a million times!

And the bots.

They sure help my numbers, but of course the most important people to thank are you all, who come and actually read my new posts.

I know this blog is not everyone's cup of tea (despite my early illusions that everyone would love it!)

Oh well.

It doesn't fit into a specific niche and my schedule has become rather uh, sporadic. That makes it also fall off a lot of people's radars so when I see those of you dedicated to keep coming back, I feel very fortunate.

I know I could increase my readership again by visiting and commenting on lots of other blogs, but that wears me out and it feels too self-serving to pop up in the comments in the hopes that the writer might return the favour; especially when I don't post regularly. I do still read blogs, but don't always comment and no longer go to every blog on the list.

I know we're all in it together but TriGirl is a full on introvert.

Plus, I prefer organic and real interactions over the quick accumulation of views (even though that is fun.) I may not post often, but I'm just not ready to retire quite yet because I love drawing my little adventures. And every time you visit, comment, or share my site, it fills me with gratitude.

So for that, you, my readers, get a big thumbs up.


Saturday, June 10, 2017

Suspension Straps: an exercise in suspension of reality

A few months ago we moved into our new place. It's a condo, and it comes with amenities, like a rooftop seating area with a large TV (that no one ever uses), and a gym.

More like a room with some random stuff in it so that, as the realtor explained to us,

Fancy. Also, not happening.

There are some weights, kettlebells, steps, bands, and a Pilates reformer that looks terrifying. But, there was one thing that interested me: a set of suspension straps.

I'm leaving off the name so that the company does not come after me the way the cycle company did. 

Suffice it to say it rhymes with "Blex"...or maybe:

I'm really not sure. Anyway...

I went on YouTube to learn a bunch of exercises and then set off to the workout room.

I began with the pull ups.

The official version:

My version:

So far so good.

Then I moved on to the squats and those were fine too. I tried push ups next.

The official version:

My version:

 I was very worried that I would fall through the straps, and onto my face.

Finally I tried seated pull ups.

The official version:

My version:

I decided to stick to pull ups.

The next day I woke up to a pinched nerve, thus ending my future as a suspension strap guru.

As of this week I'm training for the Chicago Marathon so my off season is officially over. I'll be using the Hansons Method; their half marathon plan worked really well for me so I'm hoping the full goes well too.

This will be very different from my other marathon training cycles so I'll do my best to keep you guys posted! In the mean time, I'm adhering strictly to the plan:

So far it's going very well.

If you've used the Hansons Method I'd love to hear your thoughts and experiences in the comments!



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