Sunday, April 6, 2014

Running When I Know I Shouldn't a.k.a. Sometimes I'm a Stubborn Moron

Today I had an 11 miler on my training plan.  I'm in the thick of a half marathon training cycle, with my goal all along being to hit a sub 2:00 time.

Things are not going as planned.

My second week into training I got knocked out by an insane stomach bug that took me two weeks to recover from.

I had to take a full week off of training, then cut my mileage by half for 2 weeks just to get back into it.

Things have been going better, but I have not been hitting the speeds I need to get that goal pace come race day.

Then this past week I did something new:  I ran first thing in the morning.  I wore a pair of shoes I'm reviewing, but are not my regular shoes.  It was less than 12 hours after my previous run, and it left me with incredibly achy hips for the next few days.

Not that that stopped me from running.  This is where the MORON part comes into play.

Yesterday was a rest day and I spent a good part of it icing, stretching, and rolling.  My right hip felt completely better and my left hip was a lot better.

After all the 'recovery', of course.

So I decided I would run my 11 miles today.  Because, you know, I'm a moron tough.

But by mile 3.69 I had to stop because my left hip was hurting too much and I had to limp home.

I'm icing again and am already feeling better, but I should not run for a few days at the very least.
I know this is just a blip, and if I take care of myself I will get better, but for the moment I'm bummed out.  I hate not being able to follow my training plan.  It makes me sad.

Honestly though, I think if I can run my half marathon, even if I don't hit that glorious, perfect pace, I just might be satisfied...especially if I can avoid a long recovery.

No more PT for me! 

How do you deal with training setbacks?


Sunday, March 30, 2014

Tri-ing to be...a Swimmer?

Last week I decided that I would try something different with my swimming.  I've been working on the basics for years now, and after trying out that Masters class last year, I knew that a true swim workout would give me more to focus on than just how many laps I was swimming.  I searched on the ol' Google, and ended up with a simple plan from USA Triathlon.

I wrote out the workout, taped it to my water bottle, and headed off to the pool feeling like a real swimmer.

Watch out, y'all.


Warm Up 5x100 with 10-20 second rest

What it means:  Swim 100 yards (2 laps), rest 10-20 seconds, repeat 4 more times.
The goal:  Get the blood moving through the muscles and loosen up the joints to get ready for the workout.
How I did:  I warmed up.

Typically, that's about half my regular swim workout.

Form drill 6x50 with 20-30 second rest

What it means:  Swim 50 yards (1 lap), rest 20-30 seconds, repeat 5 more times.
The goal:  Improve technique which will lead to faster swimming
How I did:  Since I have no idea how my form is, I just went with the usual swimming deal: move my shoulders, kick from my hips, work on bilateral breathing...and then essentially forget everything as I try to concentrate on it all.

While working on said form, I got whacked mid-thigh by another swimmer...who was not even in my lane!

I wasn't even mad, I was impressed.

Main set 10x100 higher effort than steady swimming with 10-30 second rest

What it means:  Swim 100 yards at near lactate threshold, rest 10-30 seconds, repeat 9 more times.
The goal: Increase effort to 90 percent maximum range.  In other words, swim as hard and as fast as possible without drowning.
How I did:  I did not drown.

I was like an iceberg: lots going on under the surface but barely anything to see from above.

The further I got into my set, the more I struggled to keep track of my laps.  I had to calculate how many total laps I would be at once I was done with the set, including the warm up and drill.  Then I had to look at my watch to see how many laps I had actually done, and figure out how many were left.

I don't do math well at the best of times.  This was not the best of times.

Kick drill 1x100 kicking

What it means:  Kick only, I assumed with a kick board.
The goal:  Don't ignore kicking.
How I did:  I may or may not have totally cheated on this and scissor-kicked a bunch of times to get to the end.

Kicking is hard.

Cool down 1x100 easy swim

What it means:  Swim as effortlessly as possible.
The goal:  Cool down.
How I did: This was very interesting as my body felt pretty floaty, but otherwise it was just a normal couple of laps.

At the end of it all I had swum 1950 yards, or 1.107955 miles (I looked it up). Which is a lot for me.

And it took me an hour.

So, who knows some good swim workouts for someone who only wants to do front crawl/freestyle??


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