Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Glutes! Of! GLORY!!!

This is the workout that kicks my butt.

If you were around a couple of years ago, you might remember that I was dealing with a serious pain in the badonk. And hip. So I went to the guy who would fix all my problems:

He evaluated me and pointed out my weaknesses. He diagnosed me with LAS:

I'm not kidding. It's pretty common amongst runners.

The cure?

Just kidding. That would be so awesome though, right?

It turned out the cure was actually a series of exercises that he called the Glutes of Glory program; designed to make me stronger and faster, and less prone to injury. 

At first I stuck to the program, and over time I graduated to newer and more complex exercises. But the new exercises were HARD and I was easily frustrated. The road to maximal gluteus glory was rough:

I would lose my balance.

My leg would fall off the ball.

I couldn't do even ONE hamstring curl. Not one. My legs just wouldn't budge.

Don't even get me started on the single leg curls, ha!

So I did what any sensible person would do in this situation: I kept going knowing that consistency would make me stronger.

Real mature.

I complained to Bruk that after a workout I could barely walk up or down the stairs for most of the week, so how was I supposed to run on such sore and un-glorious glutes (and abs, and quads, and hammies, and calves)? 

After numerous attempts on my end to gut it out, Bruk decided to simplify my plan: he knocked off some reps and rewrote it such that I had a plan to incorporate into race training  and one for my strength-building phase (i.e. not race training).

Since I'm not training for anything right now, I am in the strength-building phase and should be super strong in no time!

Dare I say, even "Glorious"?

Though I'll probably be more successful if I actually work out more than once a week.

On second thought, maybe I'll just take up the cowbell after all.

1. Have you ever been diagnosed with "LAS"?

2. Do you struggle with balance as much as I do? I'd love to know if you have any good cures for it.

3. Do you live in the Seattle area and need a top notch PT? If so, I highly recommend Bruk. He has an opening since I've moved :)

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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Hey, L.A.

Hey, L.A.? We need to talk.

Is it just me, or is L.A. kind of a, well, strange place? I mean don't get me wrong, it's very cool. Just maybe a bit odd.

I've been here for only one month so I really can't make a solid judgment yet, but I do have some observations. Here are the cool things I've been enjoying so far:

1. Looking at the sandy beach!

2. Palm trees EVERYwhere!

Now let's move on to the strange:

1. The grocery store checkout.

I was checking out from the grocery store, about to slide my credit card through the reader when this lady comes screaming up behind me, squeezing her poor bouquet of flowers to within an inch of its life:

The cashier told her she would have to wait since we were literally in the middle of the transaction, and directed her to the self-checkout right next to us. This only made her more frazzled:

She panic-ran over there anyway where the drama continued:

A variety of people, including my cashier, went over to help her.

With her crisis averted, she ran out of the store, shouting her gratitude as she went.

I still made it out of the parking lot before she did.

2. The crossing signal button.

I was walking through the neighbourhood and hit the crosswalk button, then waited for the light to change.

I watched as a lady hustled across the street and made a beeline to the same button. She then proceeded to punch it no less than TEN TIMES.

She continued:

"All my friends and family ask me why do you have to do that? But I tell them I can't help it I just have-to-hit-the-button! I'm addicted! Some people are addicted to alcohol or heroin, but me? I'm just addicted to one thing: these buttons!"

The light changed and she walked away with one last word:


Soooo, yeah. At this point I clearly have a lot to learn about the L.A. way.

1. Do you have advice about living here? (GiGi, I just might be talking to you!)
2. What do you think about L.A.?

I'm thinking of starting a separate blog all about my L.A. observations, including selfie sticks and rain behaviour. I'll let y'all know! It's a bit of a culture shock here :)

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